About Backyard Aim

Our goal in BackYardAim is to provide guidance to homeowners trying to renovate their backyards. From outdoor furniture to fire pits and lighting, BackYardAim will provide key guidance to those in need. We have a team of landscapers, DIY experts, and homeowners who will share their experience in how to customize your backyard for events, cookouts, and many more gatherings you will have. They will also share tips and tricks you need with changing seasons and how to best decorate your backyard for different events.

Have a backyard that you don’t know what to do with and is laying barren? BackYardAim is here to help you make your backyard into a unique area for your friends and family to enjoy.

Who We Are

Donald M. Beyer
Donald M. Beyer

Meet Some of our Outdoor furniture and outdoor lighting advisor.

I am Donald M. Beyer and I am backyard enthusiasts. I am a homeowner who has been doing DIY projects in and out of my house for many years. From simple backyard lunches to making an old-school pizza oven in my own backyard, I have a lot of experience in turning my backyard into my and my family’s personal playground.

 I am a private contractor who has been doing installations and landscaping in backyards for about a decade. In my career, I have seen people doing different things with their backyards. From installing outdoor lighting to renovating backyards for weddings and birthday parties. I have also done some renovations for backyard decorations.

I have joined BackYardAim to share my expertise in installing items for your backyard, getting ready for an event, and landscaping your backyard on your own. It might be a difficult task at first but with simple guidance, I am sure you will be able to do it too.

I have learned throughout my years of doing such projects. Your backyard should be unique for you, your friends, and your family. But I have faced my share of difficulties. One bad weather day and your whole backyard might be ruined. That is why I have joined the team of writers in BackYardAim to provide you with tips and tricks on how to tackle the weather with your backyard furniture and how to protect your backyard when the seasons change.

Stanley K. Stein
Stanley K. Stein

Stanley K. Stein is a homeowner with many years of DIY experience in backyard renovation. From small cookouts to a large pizza oven, fire pits and Outdoor Grill installation. Stanley K. Stein has done them all. He is joining BackYardAim to help readers understand the trouble with backyard fire pits, hot tub, and how to protect the backyard from the changing seasons and how to avoid such disasters before they are to happen.

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