Are Hot Tub Cover Lifters Worth It?

Are hot tub cover lifters worth it

Hot tubs are not only an item of luxury and elegance but are also important for casual usage. Most of the owners often skip an important extension that often creates debates among hot tub owners the cover lifter. A hot tub cover lifter is a device designed to assist in the effortless removal and replacement of the heavy and cumbersome cover that safeguards your hot tub. By offering a mechanical advantage, these lifters aim to alleviate the physical strain and time-consuming process of manually removing and storing the cover.

Following this discussion, you might wonder, “Okay I heard about it, but are Hot Tub Cover Lifters Worth It?” Well, the answer could be straightforward to the point but that won’t be enough to put the information logically that builds the actual idea of it. That’s why, we will share and discuss the various types, the buying factors, and the other related information that would assist you in reaching an informed decision making.

Key Takeaways

  • Whether hot tub cover lifters are actually worth it or not requires detailed discussion to reach the point where the answer would be put forward clearly.
  • It depends on a few factors that determine whether are they worth buying or not.
  • Knowing about the different types of cover lifters would serve the purpose of this query too.

Are Hot Tub Cover Lifters Worth It?

A hot tub cover is an essential accessory for every hard-sided hot tub due to two important reasons. Firstly, it helps in retaining the heat within the water when the hot tub is not in use.

Secondly, it serves the purpose of keeping debris out of the hot tub. It’s important to consider that a hot tub cover is not only removed when you want to use the hot tub. It also needs to be taken off for daily water testing to ensure a safe bathing environment and optimize spa performance. Properly removing and replacing the cover also contributes to its longevity, reducing the frequency of replacements.

For individuals with smaller physiques or physical limitations, constantly lifting and maneuvering such a heavy and cumbersome item can quickly become a burdensome task. This is where a cover lifter proves to be a valuable and highly practical accessory.

A cover lifter facilitates the easy removal and replacement of the hot tub cover. This makes the process significantly easier and more convenient. So, using a cover lifter reduces the risk of injuries that may occur when attempting to lift the cover incorrectly, in an awkward manner, or in a potentially dangerous way.

Is Buying a Hot Tub Cover Lifter Worth Anything?

Is buying a hot tub cover lifter worth anything
Is buying a hot tub cover lifter worth anything

Now, coming back to the question of the hour, are hot tub cover lifters worth it? Well, as someone who has owned hot tub covers both with and without a lifter attachment, I’ve had experience on both sides. Now, let’s dive into whether buying a cover lifter is a worthwhile investment.

There are plenty of benefits to having a hot tub cover lifter besides just making it easy to open and close your spa cover. Let me walk you through five reasons why you should consider getting one.

  • First off, opening and closing a hot tub cover can be a hassle, especially as it gets older and heavier. A new cover typically weighs between 50 and 70 lbs (23 – 32kg), and over time, it absorbs moisture and becomes even heavier. With a cover lifter, it’s like having an extra pair of hands to assist you, making the whole process a breeze. Plus, if you have any existing health issues, trying to maneuver a heavy spa cover on your own can be risky.
  • Another advantage of a cover lifter is that it extends the life of your hot tub cover. Without a lifter, you might end up pushing, pulling, and twisting the cover. Which can cause damage and decrease its longevity. Damaged covers are also less energy-efficient, resulting in higher energy bills. Moreover, without a lifter, you may struggle to find a safe and clean place to keep the cover when it’s removed, leading to potential scratches, tears, and dirt getting into your spa water.
  • Speaking of energy bills, a cover lifter can help you save on energy consumption. When properly attached, it creates a better seal, trapping warmth inside the tub while keeping debris and insects out. It means your hot tub heater doesn’t have to work as hard, resulting in lower energy costs. Less evaporation also reduces water top-ups and chemical usage.
  • Maintenance is another aspect where lifters come in handy. Keeping your hot tub clean and well-maintained can be time-consuming, especially when you have to remove a heavy, moisture-laden cover each time. A cover lifter simplifies this process, allowing you to quickly and easily access your spa for maintenance tasks, such as testing and adjusting water chemistry.
  • Last but not least, lifters encourage more frequent use of your hot tub. Removing the cover can be a hassle, especially if you live alone or your partner is away during the day. Anecdotal evidence suggests that people tend to use their hot tubs less when they don’t have a lifter. It doesn’t make sense to invest a significant amount of money in a hot tub only to limit your usage because of the inconvenience of removing the cover.

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5 Types of Hot Tube Cover Lifters

Types of spa cover lifters
Types of spa cover lifters

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits, let’s take a look at the different models available so you can decide which one suits you best.

When it comes to spa cover lifters, there is a wide range of options available to suit different needs and preferences. Let’s explore some of the types of cover lifters you can consider for your hot tub:

  1. Hot Tub Cover Shelf: This is a cost-effective option where a shelf is mounted to the side of your hot tub. To use it, you simply fold your cover and slide it onto the shelf. While hot tub cover shelves are budget-friendly, they do take up considerable space and don’t assist in lifting, removing, or replacing the cover.
  2. Manual Pivot: With a manual pivot lifter, a long metal bar is placed over the center of your cover, and each end is mounted to your spa. By folding your cover in half over the bar, you can lift it up and push it back, allowing it to hang vertically. This type of lifter requires manual effort.
  3. Hydraulic: Similar to the manual pivot lifter, a hydraulic lifter also utilizes a metal bar. But it incorporates hydraulic pistons into the lifter bars. This design enables you to remove the cover with just one hand, as the lifter carries the weight. It offers convenience and ease of use.
  4. Gliding: A gliding lifter involves lifting, gliding, and folding away the cover. It is a suitable option if your hot tub is located in a tight space since it requires minimal clearance for operation.
  5. Automatic: An automatic hot tub cover lifter is equipped with a motor that handles the entire process of moving the cover. This type of lifter is particularly useful for large or bulky covers where manual effort may be challenging.

To choose the best one and be sure of beforehand it is better to scan through the attachment types. Cover lifters can be attached to your hot tub in two different ways:

  1. Deck Mount: In this style, the two supports for the lifter are drilled into the sides of the hot tub. It works well for square or rectangle-shaped spas.
  2. Freestyle or Understyle: The base system of this style slides under the spa, utilizing the weight of the spa itself for support. It offers versatility and is compatible with various hot tub shapes.

The base system of this style slides under the spa, utilizing the weight of the spa itself for support. It offers versatility and is compatible with various hot tub shapes.


1. Can a hot tub cover lifter go on any side?

Absolutely! Hot tub cover lifters are designed to be versatile and adaptable to various hot tub configurations. Most cover lifters have a universal design that can be installed on either the left or right side of your hot tub, depending on your preference and the layout of your space.

2. How much clearance do you need for a hot tub cover lifter?

When it comes to clearance, it’s important to consider the height and width of your hot tub cover lifter. Generally, you’ll need enough vertical clearance to accommodate the fully opened cover. This can range from around 24 inches to 36 inches, depending on the specific cover lifter model.

3. How do I stop my hot tub cover from sagging?

To prevent this common issue, you can try a few tricks. First, make sure to regularly clean and condition your cover to maintain its integrity. Additionally, using a cover support system or reinforcing the cover with foam inserts can provide extra support and prevent sagging. Lastly, keeping the water level in your hot tub at the recommended level can help reduce the weight on the cover and minimize sagging.

4. How do you use a spa cover lifter?

Using a spa cover lifter is easy. Once installed, you’ll find that operating it is quite simple. To open the cover, typically, you’ll need to fold it in half and then use the lifter’s handles or levers to lift and fold the cover-up and away from the hot tub. When closing the cover, you’ll reverse the process, gently lowering it back onto the tub.

Final Thoughts

So, hot tub cover lifters can be a worthwhile investment for hot tub owners. They offer a few advantages, including ease of use, convenience, and extended cover lifespan. The ability to effortlessly remove and replace the cover not only saves time and effort but also promotes regular hot tub usage, making it more enjoyable and accessible. The enhanced protection and insulation provided by the cover lifter contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings in the long run. By carefully evaluating your needs and preferences, you can determine whether a hot tub cover lifter is the right fit for your purpose or not.

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