Are Louvered Pergolas Worth It

Are louvered pergolas worth it

Are louvered pergolas a good investment? The answer lies solely on your preferences, but there are some benefits to a louvered pergola that are unlike any other. Pergolas are undeniably great additions to your outdoor living space. However, sudden rain or raging winds may sabotage your lovely outing activities. A louvered pergola on the other hand is versatile and can protect you during rain as well!

If you are searching the market for a suitable pergola in your backyard? Consider investing in a pergola that is durable and can safeguard you from the natural elements like rain, wind & sunlight. At the same time choose a pergola that lasts for decades and is cost-effective. It’s fair to say that louvered pergolas check all of these boxes.

Top Features of a Modern Louvered Pergolas

There are various DIY louvered pergola kits available today that are simple to assemble. They come with manufacturer manuals for arrangements and can be set up without any help from professionals. In addition to DIY, other louvered pergolas, possibly custom-made, are also viable options. In either case, louvered pergolas pack a lot of features that make them the year-round champions. They are:

  • Controllable Slanted Louvers
  • Adjustable to Weather Changes
  • Rainproof & Watertight
  • Built-in Gutter System

While pergolas are great for spending time outdoors while you soak up essential sunlight, standard pergolas cannot save you when rain pours in. Louvered pergolas, on the other hand, can provide space for outing activities even during rain! You may be thinking, “I can achieve the same with a roof installed over the pergola”. But, do you really want to sacrifice the sunlight? Sacrifice the free-flowing wind that keeps your pergola cool? If the answer is no, see how louvered pergolas are the ideal choice for homeowners.

1.Controllable Slanted Louvers

A standard pergola will provide partial shade from the sunlight & provide little protection from rain. A pergola with a covered roof will provide complete shelter from the sun & rain. A louvered pergola provides both! It gives you the freedom to choose what you want at the moment. You feel like enjoying the sun? Open the louvers. The sun’s too bright for your eyes at the moment? Close the louvers.

Yes! Louvered pergolas have controllable louvers that you can use to either close, partially open, or fully open the roof. When fully open they still function like a standard pergola giving you that openness where wind can flow freely. When it rains or the sun is hitting directly, you can simply close the louvers with mechanisms as simple as pulling a card or pushing a button. 

2.Adjustable to Weather Changes

Due their flexible louvered-design, the roof can be adjusted to meet weather demands. Perhaps the sky looks beautiful today, a covered roof may ruin the enjoyment. A louvered roof on the other hand allows you to open the roof structure, letting you & everyone else enjoy the open sky under the pergola.

A dark ball of cloud appears out of nowhere. The standard homeowner would run indoors for shelter. Louvered pergola owners get to enjoy the rainfall, the natural odor of rain, & soil, without interrupting their outdoor activity. Simply close the louvers via the provided mechanism and you are all good to go!

A louvered pergola is the ultimate balance between a standard pergola & a roof-covered pergola. Giving you the functionality of both, louvered pergolas are by far the superior.

3.Rainproof & Watertight

When fully closed, the louvers form an interlocking design, creating a watertight seal on the roof surface. This innovative design makes pergolas usable even in the rain. Simply shut the louvers all the way, and there you have a roof that shelters you & your guests from pouring water. Continue your cup of tea, or family gathering without having to hurry inside or seek umbrellas. Some homeowner may think the louvered roof leaks. This is not true, as the interlocking system is actually solid & provides adequate protection from the rain. Hence, your pergola stays safe for furniture, grilling sets, electronic devices & more applications.

4.Built-in Gutter System

The modern louvered pergola design also incorporates a gutter system in the framework. With a watertight roof that prevents the entry water, you actually need a way to remove the standing water or it may overflow from the sides. To tackle this issue, louvered pergolas have built-in gutter systems that channel the water away safely. The waterways run along the posts & beams of the pergola which are then used to direct water from the top to the ground without causing any trouble to the owner. With this level of sophistication & innovative design, you would think they cost a lot. But, honestly, they don’t!

Waterproof Material That Lasts Long

Waterproof material that lasts long
Waterproof material that lasts long

Louvered pergolas, as you’ve read so far, are the ultimate answer to weather changes & natural elements. They can shelter you from rain, sunlight, & strong winds. However, to be able to handle rainwater, pergolas need to be made with materials that do not deteriorate. Wood may warp under extreme heat in summer days. Wood pergola posts are also susceptible to damage from moisture like rainwater, & moisture from the ground. Thus, having a gutter system inside a wooden pergola is not practical.

This is why the modern louvered pergola uses aluminum as its primary material. But, why aluminum? Aluminum is a strong, yet lightweight material. Due to its composition and metal features, it is resistant to moisture and water damage. Furthermore, aluminum pergolas are resistant to rust, meaning they can accompany you for many years without deteriorating, rusting, or suffering damage from natural elements. They are also great at handling snow! Meaning you are covered throughout the year!

Aluminum is used in modern louvered pergolas due to its durability, lightweight & moisture-resistant features. This makes the pergola:

  • Water-resistant, withstand moisture without any damage
  • Resistant to snow & winter elements
  • Durable under ever-changing weather patterns
  • Low-maintenance solution to pergola enhancements

Add Unique Aesthetic Value to Your Home

Add unique aesthetic value to your home

No doubts, a pergola adds beauty to any backyard. But today’s pergolas are built with modern, sleek designs that help your curb stand out. In combination with durable materials, and a stylish finish, they aim to give your home unmatched aesthetic appeal. Moreover, Louvered pergolas can be customized to fit the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. They come in different sizes, colors, and materials, and can be designed to match the style of the home. At the same time, they increase your home’s property value as well!

Functionality You can Rely On!

Functionality you can rely on
Functionality you can rely on

Modern louvered pergolas come with modern features & functionalities. From manual handles to automatic systems, you can add many optional enhancements to your pergola. Some companies also provide options for speaker systems, lighting systems, and more. Here, we have listed a few optional upgrades you can consider.

Manual Louvers

As the name suggests, the louvers of this pergola will need to be steered manually. This usually involves using a cord that needs to be rotated in order to open or shut the louvers. You may also set the louvers partially opened or closed to set the desired amount of sunlight.

Motorized Louvers

These kinds of louvers have a motorized mechanism that allow you to control the state of the louvers via a remote. Simple push of a button can set the louvers closed or open them depending on your wish. You also control the louvers directly from a smartphone!

Automatic Rain Sensors

Automatic rain sensors. Yes, they sense rain. And they do it to keep your pergola dry. When droplets of rain are observed by the sensors, the louvers automatically close to protect your belongings. This is especially useful if you have furniture, grill set, or electronics under the pergola that are prone to damage from rain.

Final Thoughts

Whether you hire a professional for louvered pergola or purchase a DIY louvered pergola kit, I’d say they are worth it. Why? Because they provide essential shade from the sun as well as provides options for rain cover on demand. They are the ultimate solution for homeowners who want to enjoy their pergola but also want it to shelter during rain. They are also perfect for people who want to enjoy the full open sky, but also wants shade when it gets too hot. A louvered pergola does all of this while maintaining aesthetics, modern designs with a durable body that is built to last. Additionally, they cost way less than having a wooden pergola made by professionals! Would you consider buying a louvered pergola?

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