Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Glass Table?


Having a fire pit in your backyard seating arrangement adds further comfort to your backyard moments. This not only keeps you warm during the winter but also sends an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) to give you a calm vibe. Most backyard fire pits are put on a table, and they can be made of different types, segments, and designs. Now if you have such a glass table and want to place a fire pit there or want to source both of them synced, then you might have the question of whether this can be done either way.

Fire pits are somewhat heavy and can circulate high temperatures. In this article, we will dive deep into your query of whether you can put a fire pit on a glass table, what glass type can sustain higher heat, the importance of fire pit weight and glass table integrity, etc. Apart from finding the answer, read till the end to get some professional tips on how to better maintain a fire pit on a glass table.

Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Glass Table?

Yes, you can put a fire pit on a glass table. However, there are a lot of ‘buts’ and ‘conditions’ you should consider before putting the fire pit on the glass table. In general, glass is a very fragile substance against handling weights, high temperatures, and even cold weather. There are tons of cases where glass was shattered, even with a high-pitched sound. It means it is common for normal glasses to break or melt in contact with the fire pit’s high temperature. So, why did I answer, Yes, you can put a fire pit on a glass table?

Technically, it is possible to place a fire pit on a glass table if the table’s glass is reinforced enough to withstand the weight and temperature without breaking, shattering, or melting.

5 Types Of Table Glass & Their Heat Resistant Capacity

Types Of Table Glass & Their Heat Resistant Capacity

 As mentioned earlier, the glass should be well reinforced to house a fire pit on it. To give you a better explanation, we will have to dive deep into the types of glass and their individual heat-resistant capacities.

1. Soda Lime Glass

This is the usual type of glass used for windows, doors, and similar ordinary glass works. They have less capability for withstanding weight and temperature-related pressures. Soft glass has a low melting point or softening point but a high coefficient of thermal expansion. For this reason, it is highly susceptible to thermal shock. It contains no metal, and it is a pure form of glass. That’s why it’s weaker. Depending on the type, soda lime glasses have a melting point as low as 1000°F. whereas a fire pit can achieve as much as 1000°C or more. There also remains the overall weight criteria for the fire pit. means the glass table top won’t sustain itself in terms of both the temperature and heat resistance of the fire pit.

2. Tempered Glass

Tempered tabletop glasses are the toughest and most durable type of tabletop glass out there. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than regular glass and can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for hot plates and other cookware. The use of high temperatures and quick cooling methods makes them so durable. Depending on the type, they can withstand temperatures between approximately 1400 °C and 1600 °C. By comparing them with the average fire pit temperature, you can put them on a tempered glass-topped table.

3. Lead Glass

Lead glass has lead in place of calcium, which makes it not only durable but also protective from elements such as gamma rays and temperature. The brilliance of lead crystal relies on the high refractive index caused by the lead content. Ordinary glass has a refractive index (n) of 1.5, while the addition of lead produces a range up to 1.7 or 1.8.

Lead glass is not easy to melt, because its making process is carried out in an electric furnace, where it undergoes heat and electricity. It will take temperatures between 1350 and 1500 degrees Celsius to melt this glass top. This means they are too suitable for placing a fire pit.

4. Glass Wool or Fiberglass

Commonly known as fiberglass, is one type of regularly used reinforced glass. Although they are entitled as ‘glass’, they are reinforced plastics in which glass is mixed. This plastic fiber creates a bond between the crystal molecules of the glass and makes it hard to break or melt.

During the production phase, glass wool requires an approximate temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius. After melting, it is passed through spinners, where it is turned into glass fibers.

5. Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is known for its adaptability against thermal shock and high melting point. It is made of silica and boron trioxide. In the production process, it can take up to 1648°C (3000 °F) to melt and take its intended shape afterward. Due to their high melting point and, most importantly, high thermal shock absorbing capacity and lower expansion characteristics, they are suitable to hold a fire pit.

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Fire Pit and glass Tables’ Structure Is Also Very Important

Fire Pit and glass Tables’ Structure Is Also Very Important

To answer putting a fire pit on a glass table, judging the glass’s melting point isn’t all. We have to consider some other factors, such as fire pit size, temperature circulation capability, etc. The same goes for the table and, most importantly, the details backing up the top glass against heat and weight. So the determining factors are in sequence:

  • Table Integrity: The subjecting table should be well structured and integrated, not only for holding the fire pit but also for long-term use. Note that not all glass tables are made equally. Therefore, your existing glass table may or may not be designed and built from scratch, thinking it will house a fire pit in the future.
  • Fire Pit’s Size: A fire pit’s size is also very important. The size and weight of the fire pit should be aligned with the capacity of the glass table. The bottleneck between these two may not cause any damage to either the table or the fire pit, but there remains a high possibility of it happening.
  • High Insulation Layer: There should be a distinct insulation protective layer in the fire pit’s lower portion. This will prevent the heat from circulating from the fire pit into the table’s glass. The table top should also be prepared to house the fire pit.
  • Efficient Fueling: Fuels like charcoal and wood have a more unstable burning ratio. It may look organic, but using these increases the chance of uncontrolled temperature spreading. You can use natural gas or propane to create a controlled heating atmosphere.

Can you use broken tempered glass in a fire pit?

No, it is better not to use broken tempered glass in a fire pit. One may think that fire glass and tempered glass are the same products and shattered glasses can be used in place of fire glasses. But opting for this tactic can cause toxic smoke, fumes and even exploding of the broken tempered glasses.

Tips For Putting A Fire Pit On A Glass Table

Tips For Putting A Fire Pit On A Glass Table

You may find these pro tips for putting a fire pit on a glass table helpful:

  • Choose the Glass: As you can see, choosing the right glass is very important. For that, you can go for reinforced tempered glass. They are well-sustaining against heat and don’t scratch while being used.
  • Design: The design of the glass table and fire pit should be well-synced. The table base should be well made from scratch to handle such weight and heat.
  • Making Process: If you observe such a fire pit glass table, you will notice that the fire pit isn’t right above the table. Rather, it has been set into the wooden, steel core of the table for better integrity. So consider doing the same while making.
  • Maintenance: It is not all done after putting a fire pit on a glass table. You have to make regular maintenance efforts to keep the fire pit running and the glass table standing.
  • Use Fire Glass: You will find different colored crystal fire glasses to be used in the fire pit. These are highly efficient ways to withstand high temperatures.
  • Avoid a Windy Location: Placing your fire pit in a windy location can cause the wind to alter the fire’s direction unevenly. This can damage the fire pit, table, and its top glass.
  • Keep an eye on the fire: Although your fire pit should have been made to handle potential dangers, you should still keep an eye on it and have safety measures ready if they need to be taken.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, yes, you can put a fire pit on a glass table. But not on all of them out there. A fire pit is a pretty heavy structure to simply put on an ordinary glass table. Also, the fire pit’s heat circulation can affect the glass’s integrity and shatter, break, or melt it. That’s why to put a fire pit on a glass table, you need to buy or build both a purpose-made glass table and a fire pit. If you are looking to place a fire pit on your existing glass table, then consider replacing the glass with a reinforced one. This way, with proper planning, analysis, and execution, you can put a fire pit on a glass table.

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