Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats?

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats?

Having a hot soak in a hot tub is one of the best body- and mind-healing tasks one can imagine. To avail yourself of this tremendous joy, you can either use a solid tub in a fixed place or an inflatable one at your convenience. Inflatable hot tubs are famous for their compact size, portability, and inexpensiveness. If you don’t have prior experience using such inflatable hot tubs, you may have many questions regarding their effectiveness, features, and user experience. Of them, one major question we randomly face is, ‘Do inflatable hot tubs have seats?

No, inflatable hot tubs aren’t generally equipped with seats. There is another question: if there are no seats, then how do the users sit on them? In this article, we will give you brief and detailed answers to your such wonderings. In addition to that, we will also cover your related queries, such as why inflatable hot tubs don’t have seats, do you need seats on them, can you add seats to such hot tubs, and lastly, the pros and cons of seats in inflatable hot tubs.

Inflatable Hot Tub and Seats: Do They Have It?

Inflatable Hot Tub and Seats Do They Have It
Inflatable Hot Tub and Seats Do They Have It

The straight answer to an inflatable hot tub having seats is a resounding no. Inflatable hot tubs are portable versions of hot tubs with around the same water capacity. They serve the same purpose of providing a warm soak to their users, anytime and anywhere and have the water temperatures just right! The main difference between a permanent hot tub and an inflatable one is that the latter is more compact in terms of placing, storing, and porting than the former one.

These inflatable hot tub products are made of several different materials. These include polyester mesh, PVC, a UV protection layer, drop stitch fabric, laminated fabric, etc. Most of the brands market their fabrics as being frost and tear-resistant. Many have this wonder of an inflatable hot tub getting torn with just a pinch of sharp metal while soaking. Well, they have a protective layer of cover that ensures this does not happen.

In most cases, inflatable hot tubs don’t have default seats, and nor does the packaging include any additional seating tools. Rather they use the flat surface that acts as both holding the warmth of the water and arranging seating for you. Makers use cushion fabrics within the protective layer of the inflatable hot tub that is comfy to sit on for a long time.

Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Don’t Come With Seats?

Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Don’t Come With Seats?
Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Don’t Come With Seats?

There is more than one reason for inflatable hot tubs not coming with seats. While many may think that this is just pure negligence from the producers, there lies practical logic behind not putting seats. Some of those reasons are below:

Design Feature

The most common reason behind inflatable hot tubs not have seats is because of their design difference from the permanent version of hot tubs. Unlike traditional hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs don’t use jet streams to make their water bubbly and treat it. Rather they use tiny holes to inject air and make water splashes. These holes may not be as powerful as jet streams but they do the job of creating a similar atmosphere in the inflatable hot tub. Building in seats would compromise that design, making the hot tub less effective.

Saving Space

The next important reason is saving space. Understand that inflatable hot tubs are made compact so they can be moved easily and placed on any ground surface. Meaning they were made thinking of portability and setting-withdrawing any time features, becoming quite a convenient option for homeowners not wanting a permanent fixture in their backyard. While doing so, inflatable hot tubs had to slightly compromise its size and the space in it. Although they are somewhat large, they are significantly less expensive than a permanent hot tub. Adding seats makes it even narrower. The reduction of space could have an impact on the hot soaking experience of a larger number of people. So instead, inflatable hot tubs maximize their space by keeping the design free of seats.

Makes Sitting Uncomfortable

As mentioned earlier, seating arrangements on an inflatable hot tub can negatively impact the user’s experience. Impacting users’ sitting position negatively is also one of them. Inflatable hot tubs are designed to house their users for soaking themselves till their shoulders. This way the users find a soothing experience while soaking.

Additional seats move the user’s body higher to the surface. This way, the body becomes more exposed to the sunlight and air, minimizing the hot tub experience further. Also, inflatable hot tubs are designed to a perfect shape that allows your body to backrest. If you use seats, it can make your sitting position uncomfortable by not having much place to rest your head and arms. Making all the reclining features useless.

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Seats In Inflatable Hot Tubs – Do You Need It?

Seats In Inflatable Hot Tubs - Do You Need It?
Seats In Inflatable Hot Tubs – Do You Need It?

It is not that you will find seats in the inflatable hot tubs useless all the time. Note that, inflatable hot tubs are designed thinking of adult persons who will find the average water height within their comfort range. But it will not match to shorter and children aged above 5. Well, it will be not effective to lower water heights for them either. Rather you can consider using singular seating that gives some height as well as comfort. This way they will be able to enjoy a hot soaking experience along with their companions. If it is for more than one person, go for a slightly bigger size seat and place one side to the hot tub.

Some people may find it awkward to sit on the bare surface. But inflatable hot tub flooring is designed and made specially to house you comfortably. But if you think spacing will not be a problem, you can purchase a cushioned seat that is slim in height. This will give you the feeling of sitting on a seat, yet not compromising your reclining comfort.

Possibility of Adding Seats in Inflatable Hot Tubs

Possibility of Adding Seats in Inflatable Hot Tubs
Possibility of Adding Seats in Inflatable Hot Tubs

If you are still not satisfied by the fact that you most likely don’t need additional seating features in your inflatable hot tub and are wondering if you can add seats to it, then yes, you surely can. There are various types of detachable seats available on the market that are specifically built for this purpose. Depending on the user’s preference, these pillow-like seating platforms can be made of soft, spongy cushions or hard plastics. They are also made of non-slippery surfaces to allow the user not to slip while sitting.

Cushion-like soft seating platforms can soak up water in the process, but hard-surfaced seats are made of plastic and remain waterproof throughout their time of use. These seating platforms are quick-drying, allowing you to clean and dry them under the sun to prevent germs and mold from growing.

Although they are removable, it will be better to try them before buying any such seats. For that, you can use normal pillows in an empty hot tub to see how comfortable you feel. If not satisfactory, then avoid the softly cushioned ones and go for harder seats. For later, look for height-adjusting featured ones.

Pros And Cons of Inflatable Hot Tubs With Seats

There are both benefits and disadvantages of having inflatable hot tubs with seats. The seats can be sometimes extremely beneficial for those who need one. In other ordinary cases, having no seats on them slightly edges over those which have. Let’s start with the pros:


  • Good For Short Adults: If you or any other member of your companion is shorter than everybody else then having a seat will definitely help them balance their body while soaking. Although it may also create problems for others they can benefit by higher water height.
  • Suitable For Children: The water height of the inflatable hot tub may be inappropriate for children. But you can certainly put a detachable sitting pod for them and make the soaking fun more memorable with your kids.
  • Helps Getting In & Out: One big advantage of having seats on your inflatable hot tub is it can help the user with getting in & out. Having a high ground will certainly help you to clear the barrier obstacle more easily.


  • Squeeze Space: One big disadvantage of having seats in your inflatable hot tub is, that it squeezes the inner barrier by a great margin. Any single detachable seat is acceptable but having seats for all the users certainly makes the space narrow.
  • Makes Sitting Uncomfortable: Having seats on your inflatable hot tub can make your seating uncomfortable. To keep your hot tub in one piece, you will certainly not pour it with gallons of water in a hot tub that has the water capacity to hold less than that. The elevated seating arrangement also means the water level will not be where you would want it to be. This way it can compromise your privacy, impacting your soaking experience and discomfort in the arm, shoulder, back, and head.
  • Can Grow Germs: Seating positions on your inflatable hot tub can cause germs and mold to grow and completely disrupt the water chemistry for your hot tub. During the water treatment process, dust or other particles can get stuck on the edgy sides of the seats. Also, added seats may not be built as per the main product quality. This way it can be corrugated quickly and grow germs.


1. Which inflatable hot tub comes with a seating feature?

A small number of inflatable hot tubs come with seating accessories within their package. Such as the Coleman SaluSpa 140 AirJet inflatable hot tub cum spa. It can accommodate 4-6 persons and is equipped with a PureSpa NonSlip inflatable removable seat accessory.

2. Can inflatable hot tubs stay up all season?

Although it is not recommended to use inflatable hot tubs in your backyard when the temperature is below 4° Celsius, you can certainly use the hot tub in the winter. Oppositely, you can use your hot tub as a portable pool for soaking cold water. But in all cases, it is better to store your inflatable hot tub after every use.

3. Do inflatable hot tubs stay warm in winter?

Various experiments have proven that inflatable hot tub water remains warm in winter for an extended period. It has layers of thermal fabric for retaining heat within the tub’s barrier.

Final Thoughts

Hot tubs are for soaking your body freely. Having a seat underwater while soaking may sound or seem more comfortable, but in reality, it may be the opposite. Hot tubs are all about throwing your body parts into them and making yourself comfortable in the process. Although for a few, it may be an exception, most of the users prefer sitting on the bare surface of the inflatable hot tub. That’s why inflatable hot tubs usually don’t come with a distinct seating arrangement. It allows for a wider space for more people and makes the soak more comfortable all the way around.

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