Hot Tub Thermal Blanket Bubbles Up Or Down?

Hot tub thermal blanket bubbles up or down

On a winter day, a hot tub spa soaking is one of the best comfy bathing experiences one might get. It is a fantastic place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. However, it becomes a costly process, as almost all of the hot tubs require electricity to heat and maintain the tub’s water temperature. If the hot tub is outside of your heated bathroom, then it might get even harder to keep the water at a heated temperature. At least not everybody has the ability to run a hot water pump for a long time.

There comes a hot tub thermal blanket in rescue. They are specially-made hot tub covers that have thermal protection features. This feature allows the hot tub’s water to remain hot for an extended period in winter and in summer the opposite in the pool. Now, one question poops in every new hot tub user is, should the bubble remain up or down. In this article, you will get all your wondering answered regarding hot tub thermal blanket bubbles up or down and many more.

Key Takeaways

  • Hot tub thermal blanket bubbles should be placed downwards for better retaining of water heat.
  • Thermal blanket bubbles are filled with air which catches the heat and reinjects into the water.
  • If the cover bubbles are placed upwards it will slowly release the water’s heat to nature.
  • Water thermal blankets benefit spa users with better preservation of the hot tub spa.

Purpose of A Hot Tub Thermal Blanket

Purpose Of A Hot Tub Thermal Blanket
Purpose Of A Hot Tub Thermal Blanket

Thermal blankets are for conserving pool and hot tubs’ water temperature. Water temperature is meant to be affected by the outer environment’s temperature naturally. So when it is cold outside and the hot tub’s water needs to be heated, a hot tub thermal blanket reduces the amount of heat lost from the water. It is as same as the thermal jacket and dry blankets we use to conserve our body heat from outside cold temperatures.

Apart from that, in general, they cover the tub’s water from air dust and other wastes when it is not used.

Hot Tub Thermal Blanket Bubbles Up or Down?

Hot tub thermal blanket bubbles up or down
Hot tub thermal blanket bubbles up or down

In short, the answer is, that hot tub thermal blanket bubbles should be placed down on a hot tub. The reason behind doing so is a pure example of science. So let’s understand why the thermal blanket bubble should be placed downwards, and what happens if we place the upwards:

Thermal blanket bubbles downwards:

The thermal blanket bubbles are full of air. So when the blanket is put on the heated water and the bubbles are facing downwards, they are actually in direct contact with the hot water. Then the water’s heat passes to the bubble air through the conduction method and makes it warmer. But the blanket is made of sealed polyethylene, preventing the water’s heat from passing through the thermal blanket. Rather they reinject the heat which was stored in bubble air to the water again. It keeps the water warmer for a long time.

Thermal blanket bubbles upwards:

If the blanket bubbles are placed upwards, then it will still keep running the heat-losing process but only very non-efficiently. The water heat will still transfer to the thermal blanket and warm the bubbles of air inside. But this will only heat the air outside of the bubbles, meaning temperature will penetrate the cover, slowly but surely. No heat will be reinjected into the water as all the warmer bubbles are now outside, leaving no secondary source of heat within the water.

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4 Benefits of Using Thermal Blankets on Hot Tubs

4 benefits of using thermal blankets on hot tubs
4 benefits of using thermal blankets on hot tubs

Apart from storing your hot tub’s water temperature heated, there are a few other by-product benefits of using a hot tub thermal blanket. Some of these are:

  1. Covers The Tub: The thermal blanket works as a general cover for the tub. If the tub is in your patio area, then it prevents any external object from falling into it. When it is summer, it does the opposite by preventing the sunlight from making the tub’s water warmer. Also, without a cover, direct UV rays can weaken the tub’s materials.
  2. Saves Money: Hot water tubs require electricity to run an automatic heater to serve hot water. Some are one-time use and some others like the one used in spas require continuous running. That means a lot of electricity just to keep your tub water hot. Using a thermal blanket cover keeps your hot tub’s water temperature stable for an extended period. It doesn’t require any electricity to run. Meaning it can save money.
  3. Extends Hot Tubs Life: Every time you use the hot tubs on board the heater to heat the water, it requires a lot of mechanisms to complete this task. Frequent use can reduce their work efficiency a lot quicker. Using a thermal blanket cover can solve the issue by keeping the water hot and using less the onboard heater.
  4. Fewer Chemicals: Every time the hot tub water runs, it creates a chance for foreign objects to enter the tub’s water and make it rusty. To clean this mess, you will a further amount of chemicals. A thermal blanket reduces the need for water changing and hence, less amount of waste and chemicals.


1. What do bubbles in the spa mean?

Foamy or bubbles in the spa water means the water is either overloaded with Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) or it is chemically out of balance. These bubbles aren’t harmful in contact with the skin in general and likely caused by water jets’ high-speed action to the chemical surfactants.

2. Why is my bubble bath not bubbling?

If you are looking for a bubble bath, it is advised not to add the bubble bath surfactant before your hot tub has a couple of inches of water in it. When pouring the bubble bath, make sure you add them slowly underneath the running water. Keep the water pressure optimal for better bubble creation.

3. How do you use a pool blanket?

Thermal pool blankets are super easy to use. First, arrange the perfect-sized blanket for better heat-conserving. Unbox and unfold the blanket next to your pool. Place the blanket bubble-side down. Each of these air-filled bubbles will work as a magnifying glass for converging the sunlight to heat the tub’s water.

4. Why do hot tub covers get so heavy?

Hot tub covers can get heavier sometimes. This is because they are made of foams and tend to clog water if they are damaged, old, worn off, etc. The cover bubbles soak water into their plastic molecules and make the hot tub water heavier in the process.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, thermal blankets for hot tubs and pools are the most practical and inexpensive way to keep their water temperature in control for a long time. They have a porous build structure that prevents heat loss of the water. The bubbles on them serve the special purpose of condensing the heat into the air within it. Also, they reinject the condensed heat back into the water if placed downwards. On the other hand, if the bubbles are placed upwards then the temperature will still heat the bubble’s air, but causing heat extraction in the process. That’s why, hot tub thermal blanket bubbles should be down on the water.

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