How Far Should Gazebo Be From House?

How far should gazebo be from house

Gazebos have been an excellent patio space for enjoying warm, sunny days. They provide a structural shelter, with great comfort while you enjoy your favorite book or lost in thoughts in nature. They first emerged as a common structure in parts and gardens. But over time they have established their space in our backyards. At first glance, it may seem that they are just ordinary four-pillared structure that doesn’t need much prior planning to build in place. But their placement requires much thought on weather, air breeze, sunlight shade, and most importantly, the overall safety of the house and users.

Now if you are thinking of setting up a gazebo in your backyard, one common question may pop up in your mind, ‘How far should a gazebo be from the house?’. In this context, we will give you an overall brief on what should be the distance between a house and a gazebo, if they can be placed together, and what should be the distance between a gazebo and its fireplace. Read till the end to have a better understanding of selecting the perfect gazebo spot.

Key Takeaways

  • Based on the purpose of use, the gazebo and house distance can vary from 5 to 30 meters.
  • You can attach the gazebo to the main house structure and use it like a covered porch.
  • Gazebo placement shall be selected with caution, as they don’t pose any threat to the house.
  • The gazebo in your backyard should not be bothering subject for the neighbors.
  • By placing a fireplace, a gazebo can be used even in the winter.

How Far Should Gazebo Be From House?

How far should gazebo be from house.
How far should gazebo be from house.

The distance between your gazebo and home varies on different criteria and requirements. Each of these criteria has an in-depth effect on the comfort, durability, and safety of both, the gazebo and your house. Therefore, let’s check out these criteria first:

1. Shade and sunlight requirements

Gazebos are set for having a blissful outdoor time. That’s why it is important to place your gazebo where it has sufficient sunlight. But at the same time, it is important to have some shade too. Because too much summer sunlight can be an issue when your gazebo is exposed to it most of the day. In the same way, If your house is two-storied or the height is somewhat high, placing the gazebo too close may cause the gazebo to fall under shade half of the day. That’s why, place your gazebo in such a place where there is a mix of sunlight and shade.

2. Water accessibility

Gazebo on the bank of a waterside can provide both, a lucrative sight to see and enjoy the patio time more soothingly. That’s why if you have a bigger area with such a waterside in your backyard then you can surely place the gazebo there. Even if the distance from your house is more than 50 meters, the environment and scene are worth a little walking in between.

3. Fire safety requirements

Depending on your gazebo size, there might be needed fire safety arrangements. In fact, there are laws and building codes in some states to make gazebos with fire safety features such as fire extinguishers and fire blocks. If you use your gazebo to frequent barbeque and cooking, it is better to build the gazebo a bit far from any structure including your house.

4. Wind protection

Wind protection is essential to enjoy the gazebo time calmly and the durability of the gazebo. If you leave in an area that remains constantly windy throughout the year, it is important to place the gazebo near the house. The house will act as a default deterrent against the wind to one side of the gazebo. But at the same, if the wind blows from the opposite and the gazebo is near to the house, any wind damage of the gazebo, may likely damage the house too. That’s why put monitoring on the air breeze throughout the year of your house before setting up a gazebo.

5. Privacy concerns

Privacy is of utmost importance while you are enjoying your gazebo time in your backyard. To secure your privacy, placing your gazebo far from the user may seem the obvious choice. But if your backyard area isn’t that specious you can take alternative measures such as placing the gazebo as far as from the house, placing a plant-based dividing wall, put plant tubs all around the gazebo. This can help to create some privacy while you are enjoying the gazebo at your convenience.

6. Appearance

Apart from the design, features- the appearance of the gazebo is very important. A perfectly placed gazebo works as a backyard oasis. That’s why the gazebo should be placed in such a spot where it stands out from the crowd with its desired look.  For instance, if the gazebo is placed right in front of a big window, it can obstruct the view from the inside of the house or damage the outside design of the house. On the other side, if the gazebo is placed too far from the home, it could seem out of place and lose some of its attraction.

7. Other landscaping considerations

The landscape of your backyard is a determiner to place your gazebo. Remember that your backyard will not be the same in the future. There might be some installments and setups you would love to add over time. That’s why, placing your gazebo closer or far from your house depends on the future shape of your gazebo you want to see in.

Can I Build My Gazebo Attached to The House?

Can I build my gazebo attached to the house
Can I build my gazebo attached to the house

To be precise, there is no wrongdoing if you place your gazebo attached to your house. It depends on the user preference on how they want to use the gazebo, the backyard they have, etc. Building gazebos attached to houses like a pavilion is now common practice for many homeowners, and there are no safety concerns if you build them right. You can use the gazebo as a covered porch area. You can still do some barbeque and cooking as long as enough safety and smoke-releasing measures are taken.

Not only that, attaching a gazebo to your house can further strengthen the former facility, and your backyard can get a better-synced appearance.

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How Far Can I Place A Fireplace From A Gazebo?

How far can I place a fireplace from a gazebo
How far can I place a fireplace from a gazebo

Many people like to place a fireplace in their gazebo. To your surprise, gazebos are not only for summer use, rather with proper maintenance and modification, they can be used even in the winter. It will require a fireplace to keep the gazebo warm and cozy during the winter. The biggest question that remains there is how far the fireplace will be built from a gazebo. This is going to be dependent on the fire pit. A fire pit will typically heat a space of about 3 feet. So, if you want to be able to sit in front of the fire pit and enjoy the fire, it’s going to need to be at least 3 feet away.

Don’t forget to add curtains and a temporary wall around the gazebo in the winter. It will help the gazebo to keep the fire pit heated for a longer time within the gazebo.

Things to Consider While Placing A Gazebo

Gazebos have been a popular addition to the backyards they are serving all over America. In case you are thinking of placing one such gazebo in your backyard, consider these points for the best possible outcome:

Purpose of the gazebo
Purpose of the gazebo

1. Purpose of the gazebo

To place your gazebo wisely, you have to figure out why you need one or what is the purpose of having a gazebo. Based on these needs, the distance between your house and the gazebo placement can vary.

  • Entertaining: If you want to use a gazebo for entertaining, it should be positioned 10 to 20 feet away from the house.
  • Relaxation: If the gazebo is planned for relaxation, it should be placed 20 to 30 feet away from the house for relaxation.
  • Outdoor cooking: The gazebo should be placed 5 to 10 feet from the house if you are planning to use it for outdoor cooking.
  • Use as porch: If you want to use the gazebo as a porch, you can attach it right to the house structure.
Your backyard area space
Your backyard area space

2. Your backyard area space

The distance between your house and the gazebo can greatly depend on the space available in your backyard. If the space is too small, you may not have any choice other than to keep the distance as short as possible. If you have moderate space available, consider the sunlight, water accessibility, safety, and related requirement mentioned above as per your convenience to select the distance.

Weather protection
Weather protection

3. Weather protection

Protection against weather elements is important for both the user and the gazebo. Especially, places with high wind can be tricky for the gazebo. That’s why while placing the gazebo spot, observe the weather pattern, sunlight throughout the day, air breeze direction, and shade to determine the best place. Avoid placing the gazebo in the range of any big tree as they can fall upon the gazebo in windy weather.

Happy neighbors
Happy neighbors

4. Happy neighbors

Apart from all considering all the beneficial sides of placing a gazebo correctly, you should think some for the neighbors too. A gazebo is somewhat of a big-sized structure in your backyard. Don’t select any such place where the gazebo can be an inconvenient sight for the neighbors. You can consult with the respective neighbors and follow the local infrastructure development authority to sort this issue out smoothly.

Supply & safety issue
Supply & safety issue

5. Supply & safety issue

Keep all the necessary steps to ensure the best possible safety initiatives, to keep your gazebo safe from fire, electricity, thunder and any other natural, human-made disinters. Contrary to your gazebo’s size, installments surrounding it, place enough amount of fire extinguishers in the gazebo. If your gazebo needs electricity lines, then make sure it has a secured line with your house.


1. Does placing a gazebo requires any approval?

Yes, placing a gazebo may require prior approval from the local community, HOA, or similar municipal authority approval. Because gazebos are somewhat big infrastructure in your backyard and require expert opinion to determine their safety. But if it is wooden or has soft roofing then it will not require any approvals.

2. Can I put a gazebo on my patio?

Sure, you can put a gazebo on the patio. In fact, gazebos and similar facility structures were intended to provide better comfort in your patio sessions. For that, you can assemble the gazebo entirely on the premade patio floor.

3. Can you install a gazebo on the lawn?

Yes, some of the gazebos can be installed on the lawn. Their finishing may look like their footing is on the grass but they still need its four pillars to be concrete attached to the ground.

Final Thoughts

Placing your gazebo correctly can become a matter of concern because it is connected to your family, the house, the gazebo, and even society’s safety and appearance issues. A well-placed gazebo will likely increase your satisfaction every time you use it. Also, hard-top gazebos are a kind of permanent structure to set, meaning you have to think of all the odds before putting it there. For that, you have to plan relying on your available space, the design and size you want, safety and comfort the gazebo shall provide. Consulting with your local administrative authority and abiding by their suggestion can lead to a better gazebo in your backyard. There is no written law for keeping a certain distance between your gazebo and your house. You just have to study your scenario thoroughly and set the gazebo at such a distance that it’s all comport and by your side.

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