How Long Do Inflatable Decorations Last?


Inflatable decorations look beautiful to decorate a party. It is an easy way to make your house or backyard look gorgeous. This is one of the simplest ways of creating fun looking environment for kids. But have you ever wondered, how long do inflatable decorations last? Inflatable decorations last 2-10 years on average depending on the quality. One-time inflatable may hardly last 3 to 7 days. If the inflatables are decorated as home furniture, then they last longer. Also, it depends on the manufacturer when it comes to quality. You may have seen many inflatables at birthday parties. The most common inflatable decor is balloons. There are many other inflatables to consider when you decorate. But, what really inflatable decorations are? What they are built of? Let’s find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what these inflatables you have are, and what are those made of.
  • What gas is making them structured, it can be normal air or any lighter gas than air.
  • Inflatable decorations can last long enough as long as you take good care. Place them somewhere clean and safe.
  • Follow some guidelines to keep them protected. Maintain safety precautions.

What is an Inflatable Decoration?

What is an inflatable decoration

An inflatable means something that can be inflated or reshaped and filled with air. Inflatable decorations are anything that can be structured with air and helps to decorate your house. When you read this you probably think of balloons. But it can be anything! If you went to a birthday party or a backyard wedding, you may have seen some floating cartoon figures, numbers, or letters. Sometimes a giant ball or a thanksgiving balloon show. These inflatable objects help us to decorate a large amount of space with less effort. Now, you may have many questions about, why inflatable decorations are famous? What are they made of? And which gas to use? How long they can last? Well, let’s discuss that in detail.

What Materials and Vapors Are Used to Make?

What materials and vapors are used to make

Inflatable objects are made of durable PVC and the advantages are remarkable. All children’s inflatable decors and products that feature PVC must comply with the maximum international standards for health and safety. This material makes them more reliable and last longer. Some big project inflatable decorations are made of a double layer of membrane. The cavity molded between the layers is pressed with air producing a stiff structural element that allows large-span structures to be achieved. There are some other inflatables like rubber-type materials, plastics, fabric, and solid paper materials. These are for one-time use. All these inflatable structures are juiced with air elements. Basically, most of the party balloons and other stuff are filled with simple blown of natural air. These are easy to use for a single time. Some use different air elements such as hydrogen, helium, and nitrogen. Why are these specific gas being used? Well, the main motive is to make an inflatable object float. Kids like to have floating cartoon characters. And these gas are characteristically lighter than air atmospheres. Now, you may ask how long these gas balloons last. To answer that let me tell you thoroughly.

How Long They Last?

How long an inflatable object may last? When the gas will fade away? These are common questions about an inflatable. Remember one thing about inflatables: buying a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material made inflatable. They last longer than any other inflatables in the market. Also, PVC-made inflatables are made to have a healthy and safe experience.To answer how long an inflatable decoration last, it needs to be specified product longevity or after decoration. And which inflatable product of decor we are discussing? Well, after decorating balloons for a birthday party or a wedding, they do not last more than a day. It depends on the quality of the product. If product material quality is better, then it may last longer. Other decorating inflatables last longer. It depends on how it is filled and operated. If a PVC inflatable balloon is tall like an elephant filled with helium can last for days. Or an inflatable structured facility pumped with an air-blown machine will last as long as the machine is on. To decide the longevity of an inflatable product, there are some dissimilarities to consider. Different products last differently. It totally depends on the manufacturer company. For example, An inflatable home decor air bed lasts for 2 to 8 years if it is used occasionally and taken care of properly. To take full advantage of the life of an air bed, deflate it fully and store it in a carry bag when the air bed is not in use. Keep the air bed in a cold and dry place that is free of sharp objects to ensure safety from getting punctured. Or an inflatable kid’s castle can last a minimum of 3 to 7 years. If proper care and maintenance are taken, a commercial bounce house can last anywhere between 4 to 8 years. This type of product needs to be taken care of at the highest. On average, inflatable decorations last 2 to 10 years. There are some common inflatable products for your kind information.

Examples of inflatables:

  • Air mattress
  • Airboat
  • Beach ball
  • Cold-air Inflatables
  • Inflatable arch
  • Inflatable boat
  • Inflatable tunnel
  • Inflatable structures
  • Swim ring
  • Tire
  • Professional wrestling inflatables

There are a few reasons an inflatable decoration does not last long. Let’s see what those are.

Why Inflatables Do Not Last Longer?

Why inflatables do not last longer

Taking good care of the things you like is necessary. The main reason inflatable decorations do not last long is not taken properly care of. These objects are made of polyvinyl chloride or normal plastic which can easily be pocked out and get a leak on it. Or get torn apart by using roughly. Keeping them unclean and storing those in a harsh place will result in dampening. You will not have the same experience after that. Packing after use is important to make it safe and reuse for the next time. If you do not use a good packet to pack them then you may ruin the potential. Also, if you just put inflatables in a packet as it is and do not roll them up properly, your decorations will not look good in next you use them. Scratch, roughly used, or used as fragile objects, and using them in rainy weather will soon make those beautiful decorations disappear. Water is harmful to inflatable decorations. That is why most of the inflatable decorations are made for one-time use. There are some simple tips to keep your inflatables last longer.

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How to make Inflatable Decorations Last Longer?

How to make inflatable decorations last longer

To keep these inflatables more useful and last longer, you need to follow some instructions. These are easy to do and help you to understand how to take care of things that are easily ruined. Keep your inflatables clean before you store them. Cleaning will remind you to check for any damage which can be fixed. This practice also makes you understand the value of useful things.Packing them nicely will make sure they are fine and safe to use next time. It is important to keep them clean, nice, and tight. Otherwise, they can get damaged by the surrounding objects or the place if it is rusty. To pack and store them, you need to roll them. Do not fold them by any chance. Folding will result from them leak by the pressure from outside. Do not put inflatables near the fire, oven, or hot bulbs. This will make them catch fire and burst instantly. Do not put them on in rainy weather or keep them close to water. Mainly, water damages inflatable decorations quickly. So, keep them away from water.

Safety precautions

Safety precautions

Inflatable decorations sometimes use hydrogen, helium, and nitrogen which are flammable gas. Do you know the nature of these gas? They are extremely flammable and they can make a huge burst as a result of an accident. So, if you are using any flammable gas in your inflatable, you must keep that away from fire, oven, or hot bulb. Anything burning comes close to will cause unspeakable damage to you and your family. Keep it away from the kids and pets. Keep a fire extinguisher in your house in case of an accident. Use quality inflatables from good manufacturers to ensure that what product you are using is safe. Read the user tutorial to make the right way of using it. Do not leave them after the party is over. Keep them rolled up and store in a safe place.


1. What are inflatables used for?

Inflatables known as bouncers, jumpers, or moonwalks are air-pillared structures typically used for birthday parties and other events. While a standard theme among inflatables is a castle theme, Blast Zone inflatables come in a huge range of themes, color patterns, figures, and applications.

2. Do inflatable mattresses lose air over time?

Air mattresses aka air beds will naturally lose air over time. This can be speeded by temperature changes and other aspects. Before you begin trying to locate the source of the leak fully inflate your air bed.

3. Why do inflatables stop working?

Sometimes, the air blower stops working.  Make sure nothing is blocking the fan from running. Check all openings to the fan for any wreckage that could be causing this issue. Check the fuse on your plug. Replacement fuses are very cheap. So if you are inflatable has a blown fuse. It is an easy fix to swap a new one in.

Final Thoughts

Inflatables are really useful. To keep your inflatable decorations last longer you need to follow basic instructions. First, understand what are they made of. What gas is used? Then, you try cleaning them after every time use. Store your inflatables in a safe and clean place. Make sure you rolled up all of them before the store. Do not fold them. It will damage them and make a leak on them. Be sure what gas you are using to fill them up. Avoid all the things and ways that can damage your inflatable decorations. Do not let them on the wrong hand. Keep them from kids and pets as if it is vulnerable. Kids can play with simple balloons but now with an air matter. With this instruction, you can take care of your inflatable decorations very well. This article will make sure your valuable inflatables will last as long as you take care of them.

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