How Long Do Soft Top Gazebos Last?

How long do soft top gazebos last

Gazebo is a blissful backyard structure to have. They provide comfort in your outdoor stay and leave a serene look to your backyard oasis. Gazebo with a soft top also has the feature of removing and storing easily while you don’t use them. They are most fabric roofed so consider them a temporary patio setup. That means within a short time, you can set up a soft top gazebo for having the privilege of enjoying a sunny backyard. But many present and potential users may wonder how long do soft top gazebos last.

The life endurance of a soft top gazebo can vary on different criteria. These can range from their build materials to even how you fold the fabric while storing! While some materials that make up the gazebo can last up to 20 years, a soft top gazebo can last about 2 to 3 years at most! I will cover different soft top gazebo material’s life endurance, what elements drive their short-lasting, and most importantly, how can you use your soft top gazebo for a longer time. So read till the end so you can make a decision on whether to get a soft-top gazebo or not!

Key Takeaways

  • The average endurance of a useable soft top gazebo is more or less 2-3 years.
  • Sunbrella canvas gazebo fabrics offer highly enduring and colorfully customized gazebo fabrics.
  • High-quality material and better care keep a soft top gazebo better and long-lasting.
  • Storing your soft top gazebo when not in use is required for better sustaining.

Endurance of Soft Top Gazebo Materials

Endurance of soft top gazebo materials
Endurance of soft top gazebo materials

The endurance of a soft top gazebo relies on how long its build materials last. There is more than one type of material used for making soft top gazebos. Also, the materials on a soft top gazebo are divided into two parts. i) Fabric ii) Frame. Below is the list of possible materials type for a soft top gazebo and their probable endurance:

  • Polyester: Polyester is the most common and also the least expensive gazebo fabric material. This material is easy to maintain and well durable resisting sunlight and rain for a long time. But they are prone to heavy storms and snowfall. A polyester-made gazebo fabric can last more or less 3-10 years.
  • Polyethylene: a common lightweight and stretchy fabric that is a bit durable when used on a soft-top gazebo. These polyethylene-made gazebo fabrics can last more or less 5-10 years.
  • Sunbrella: This is an acrylic fabric that is dyed to be UV resistant as well as water-repellent so water does not stick to the surface but it does not have much in the way of weather resistance. If taken care of properly, it can last at least 3 years if not more.
  • Frame: Apart from the fabrics, soft top gazebos use metal frames to house the fabrics. These frames are made of wrought iron, steel, and aluminum and some are wooden. Depending on the quality of the metals, they can last from 2 to 20 years. Some of them last less due to accumulation of rust in iron or rot in wood or other damages that it may incur being outside.

What Factors Influences Soft Top Gazebos Lasting?

What factors influences soft top gazebos lasting
What factors influences soft top gazebos lasting

Not all soft top gazebos are made equally. Hence all of them will not last for an equal time. Also, there could be various other factors that can influence the longevity of a soft top gazebos:

1. Build material quality

The first and foremost common reason behind the longevity of a soft top gazebo is the build materials’ quality. It is no surprise that a low-graded material collapse early after start using. Fabrics, frames, and even small metal molds are prone to damage by the harsh weather they have to face. Whereas, a high-quality build material will help to sustain against all of the odds and altogether, the soft top gazebo can survive for longer.

2. Amount of use

No matter how durable and good quality material that you are using, a gazebo will start to deteriorate when used extensively. The same formula applies to soft-top gazebos too. Using gazebos too often can weaken their structure. They can tear down, colors can fade, a stain can arise, rust can eat the metal frames, and many more. The more it the use, the more it will become ‘old’.

3. Harsh environment

Environmental hazards are one of the reasons soft top gazebos tend to last a short time. Gazebos were designed to withstand rigorous weather anomalies but nothing can stand against nature for too long.  Geological locations with excessive sun exposure, heat, storms, snow falling, and tropical rain can leave a bad impact on the soft top gazebos. The calmer and milder weather, the less damage it does to the gazebo.

4. Improper care

Having a high-quality soft top gazebo in gentler weather is not everything for a gazebo to sustain longer. It also relies on the personal care of the user’s time to time. Constant care and maintenance can significantly enhance a gazebo’s lifespan. Regular cleaning, inspections, and timely repairs can keep a gazebo looking fresh and prevent minor issues from escalating into major ones.

5. Lack of storage

Every state has its own weather pattern. At the same time, it is rare to have sunny and calm weather throughout the year. Restoring is the best option when the weather is non-favorable for patio sitting. If the gazebo isn’t properly stored then it can have serious consequences such as being cut by mice, torn from scratch by any metal, and many other accidents. When you bring it out from storage, you will find it had become older quickly.

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Making Sure Your Soft Top Gazebo Lasts: 5 Helpful Tips

Making sure your soft top gazebo lasts 5 helpful tips
Making sure your soft top gazebo lasts

The use pattern of a soft top gazebo can lead to raising or shortening its lifespan. To use a soft top gazebo for a longer time will require below points to maintain:

  1. Better Quality Matters: You have to start with using a better quality soft top gazebo. As a soft top gazebo is consisting of mostly fabrics and canopy frames, make sure to buy better quality fabric and framed gazebo. There are several types of gazebo fabric. Choose the one with better UV, water, dust, and snow-resisting capacity. Sunbrella fabrics can be a good option to have. As for frames, you can always go for aluminum alloy frames for better anti-rusting capacity.
  2. Fortify The Structure: Though most of the soft top gazebo materials come as a package, you can opt for further strengthening the overall frame structure. Add cross beams between the columns to fortify it for a better hold against heavy air breeze. Additionally, you can stake the gazebo structure like a tent from all angles. Make sure the vertical support columns are well-storied on the ground and are durable enough to bear the gazebo’s weight.
  3. Use With Care: Not only just gazebos, but it is also applicable to anything we use. Whether the fabric is made of polyester, polyethylene, or canvas and the frame is iron, steel, or aluminum, make sure to clean them in a regular manner. Regular cleanings help prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and organic materials that can lead to issues like mold or corrosion. For wood frames, use a sealant or wood preservative treatment.
  4. Store When Not In Use: The main life-threatening element for any gazebo is the harsh weather they are within. Gazebos are set in an open backyard, right under the sunlight, rain, snowfall, and all the possible bad weather you can imagine. So it is better to store them away whenever it is not in use. But it can be worse if not stored properly. Clean and dry the gazebo fabric and then store it in a moisture, insect-free bag. This can help if you live in an area where there are a lot of birds that might nest in your gazebo.
  5. Inspect And Repair: Even after all of the measures taken care of above, still there can be wear and tear on your soft top gazebo. That’s why it is important to frequently check your gazebo for signs of structural problems. Look for torn apart, crack, rot, rusting, lose nuts, and any other structural deformity. Early detection of this anomaly can help you to repair and maintain the soft top gazebo for a longer time.


1. Can you leave a soft top gazebo up all year?

No, it is not recommended to leave a soft top gazebo all year. Because, soft top gazebos aren’t made that durably to withstand yearlong weather anomalies, such as excessive UV rays, rain, snowfall, and heavy air breezing.

2. What makes a gazebo permanent?

Based on the build material’s structural strength, gazebos have permanent and temporary use versions. Permanent gazebos use heavier materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, and concrete sheets as roofing and similar base structures. Replacing them without demolishing the structure makes them permanent.

3. How long do wood gazebos last?

Wood-made gazebos are considered a permanent type of gazebo. From the base floor, and columns to roofing, they are made of wood from scratch. Depending on the use, care, and weather intensity, they can last more or less 10-20 years.

Final Thoughts

The life endurance of a soft top gazebo depends on each of the individual material’s durability. A soft top gazebo is made of poly carbon fabrics and a metal or wooden base support structure. They are well made to sustain harsh use but there again, nothing can last for eternally if not taken sourced well and taken care of properly. Having a high-quality material gazebo is the first step to their longevity. Then you have to observe the weather pattern of your area to understand when and when not to use them. Last but not least, taking proper and regular care methods can prolong your soft top gazebos life, from a single season (which is 1 year) to even 20 years.

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