How Much Does A Retractable Pergola Cost?

How Much Does A Retractable Pergola Cost

A retractable pergola is an adaptable pergola that combines the benefits of a standard pergola & a roof. The most popular & useful example of a retractable pergola is using louvers. These louvers are quite handy and can be used to control the amount of sunlight, rain, & airflow in the space. This convenient design allows homeowners to customize their outdoor living experience with minimal weather affects. A retractable pergola gives homeowners the versatility to continue enjoying their activities even in rain. Furthermore, louvered pergolas are widely popular nowadays due to their adaptable features, letting anyone control shade & cover within their pergola.

While many may think a retractable louvered pergola may cost a huge amount of money, they might actually be wrong. Some options on the market are cheaper than installing a custom-wooden pergola that has fewer benefits when compared to a louvered pergola. Let’s delve in to see how much a retractable louvered pergola costs in 2023.

Top 5 Factors That Affect Pergola Prices

When shopping for a pergola for your backyard, there are many factors to consider. Examining the various aspects of pergola installation such as material, customization, and land preparations prepares homeowners to choose the right one. Time to understand the expensed involved and formulate a budget plan for your pergola investment.

1.  Size & Dimensions of the Pergola

Size & dimensions of the desired pergola plays a crucial role in determining the price of the pergola. A larger, bulkier pergola will generally cost more than a small one. That being said, the bigger the dimensions & size of the pergola is, the costlier it would be to purchase and install. Typically, bigger pergolas require more material & labor to install, giving a rise to the overall cost of installation.

Moreover, custom additions to the existing design may increase the total price involved. Custom designs may include decorative elements, extra structures, added functionality & more that contributes to the overall price of the pergola.

2.  Construction Material

The price of the pergola is also affected by the material used to make it. Popular choices of material for pergola include wood, cedar, vinyl, & aluminum. Choosing the right construction material is vital to ensuring durability & long-term sustainability of the pergola. Moreover, a wooden pergola would typically cost more while requiring more maintenance compared to alternative options.

3.  Customization & Additional Features

The amount of customization you put on the pergola also contributes to its cost. Customization options such as integrated lighting, built-in seating, color choices, decorative elements, and additional features also impact the final price. Apart from the standard pergola installation, any type of customization will require craftsmanship & extensive labor, leading to a higher end price tag.

4.  Site Preparation & Permits

Before you can install a pergola, your backyard must be prepared in order for a stable installation. The area where you want the pergola needs be worked on to ensure it can take the weight & placement of the pergola. In some cases, cement is also used in dug up holes in the ground to firmly anchor the pergola to the ground. All of which may add on to the total cost of installation.

Furthermore, based on your local building codes, you may need a permit for pergola installation. A pergola permit costs $60 to $150 on average. This price varies in different locations based on where you reside.

5.  Price Differences by Region

Different regions have different pricing standards. Aspects such as labor costs, cost of pergola materials, available resources & others may vary based on your location. It is important to research your local market when you are considering to buy a pergola. This will help you gather a firm understanding of pricing variations in your region.

Please understand that the price ranges included in this article are merely estimates and actual prices in your local market may vary. For further insight on your particular project, we recommend getting quotes from different contractors to weigh your options. Once you have all the available information in your hand, you gain a better understanding of the costs involved in your specific pergola.

Cost of Retractable Roof Pergola in 2023

cost of retractable roof pergola
Cost of retractable roof pergola

Where a standard pergola may not be able to protect people from the sun & rain, a retractable louvered pergola wins the race by providing homeowners unique versatility. Louvered pergolas have the same lattice-like structure on the roof, but with an added twist. Which is, each individual louver can be rotated to control the amount of sunlight that enters the space. Moreover, by fulling closing the louvers, you can create a watertight roof above your head that will keep rain out!

Generally, pergolas with retractable roofs cost a little more. But the accessibility & features they provide, surely makes them a worthy investment. Let’s look at the 2023 industry price ranges for retractable louvered pergolas:

Pergola roof sizeManual system costMotorized system cost
8’x8’$2,900 – $7,000$3,500 – $8,000
10’x10’$4,500 – $11,000$5,500 – $12,500
12’x12’$6,500 – $15,800$7,900 – $18,000
12’x14’$7,550 – $18,500$9,200 – $21,000
12’x20’$10,800 – $26,400$13,200 – $30,000
14’x18’$11,300 – $27,700$13,850 – $31,500
16’x16’$11,500 – $28,150$14,100 – $32,000
16’x20’$14,400 – $35,200$17,600 – $40,000
20’x20’$18,000 – $44,000$22,000 – $50,000

*Prices are subject to variation based on geographic location, availability & local market demand.

Traditional Pergola vs. Retractable Louvered Pergola: Which is A Better Pergola?

traditional pergola vs. retractable louvered pergola
Traditional pergola vs. retractable louvered pergola

A normal pergola with a traditional wood lattice roof will cost you somewhere between $30-$60 per square foot. However, the price of a retractable louvered pergola may start from $40-$120 per square foot. The fun fact is, unlike traditional pergola, these modern louvered pergolas are completely customizable. With various customizable options available like smart sensors, integrated lighting, color options, side panels, ceiling fan, & other decorative elements, a fully loaded pergola may cost up to $180 per square foot. And, then again, you will be of complete control of what customization options to choose. So, you only take what you need.

Pergola Feature Comparison

It may seem like louvered pergolas are costly, about $20-$50 more per square foot, they are actually worth every penny. Retractable louvered pergolas combine the features of a solid roof & open-roof structure. This gives homeowners the ability to adjust the louvers according to their needs; to allow sunlight in and air to flow, or seal the roof to protect from rain, all at the convenience of a simple mechanism. Let’s explore how retractable louvered pergolas have an upper hand at being a better pergola:

Traditional PergolaLouvered Pergola
Fixed Open-Roof StructureControllable Louvers; can be adjusted accordingly
Minimal Protection from RainLouvers can be Closed for Full Protect from Rain
A Solid Roof can be Installed to Protect from Sun & RainAdjust Louvers Anytime Between Cover or No Cover
High Maintenance, especially Wooden PergolasLow Maintenance Even in Harsh Rainy Weather
Susceptible to Damage from MoistureAluminum Materials Ensure Complete Waterproofness
Not Equipped to Handle RainHas Built-in Gutter System to Manage Rainwater

Cost Comparison: Traditional Wood vs. Pavilion Roof vs. Louvered Pergolas

Cost Comparison
Cost Comparison

Below is a cost comparison between traditional pergolas & modern retractable louvered pergolas:

Roof typeCost per square footAverage total cost
Wood Lattice$25 – $50$3,600 – $7,200
Solid Pavilion Roof$35 – $60$5,000 – $8,600
Louvered – Manual$45 – $110$6,500 – $15,800
Louvered – Motorized$55 – $125$7,900 – $18,000
Louvered – Motorized & Smart$75 – $175$10,800 – $25,200

As you can see from the chart above, louvered pergolas cost a little higher than their predecessors. And there’s a quite obvious reason behind it. A wood lattice offers minimal protection from rain & other weather hazards. A solid pavilion does provide protection but sacrifices aesthetics & openness of the pergola. A louvered pergola, on the hand, has the ability to offer both conveniently.

*This price comparison is just to give you an idea of what the costs may look like.

Enjoyable Outdoor Living Experience

Enjoyable outdoor living experience
Enjoyable outdoor living experience

Take a moment to think about how you would use your pergola. Are you going to host social gatherings? Will you be hosting birthday parties? Will you invite friends over for freshly grilled meat? Other scenarios include dining, having guests over, & just simply for relaxation. Based on your lifestyle, a pergola with a louvered roof may be favorable. Why?

Louvered pergolas are more adaptable to different climates and weather conditions than traditional pergolas. That being said, they can enhance your outdoor living experience and let you continue your activities without interruptions. You can create a comfortable outdoor living environment by controlling the amount sunlight entering the space by simply adjusting the louvers for shade. Whether you are out enjoying your time with guests or alone, you are always protected from the sun & rain. This lets you maximize your investment; whereas a solid roof pergola cannot offer such versatility.

Pergolas Increase Property Value

Regardless of what type of pergola you choose for your home, it contributes to the enhancement of your property value. Yes, the money you spend on the pergola reflects back to the overall worth of your home. Furthermore, the useful functionality of louvered pergolas can attract many potential buyers when you want to sell your property. The comfortable outdoor environment & aesthetic appeal pergolas bring will attract many homeowners, resulting in a higher resale value.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking whether you should buy a louvered pergola or a traditional one, the answer is; go with the louvered pergola. But, is it worth purchasing a louvered pergola that costs higher than normal ones? Yes, it is. In addition to costing a little higher, they also offer more functionality, comfort, & protection from the weather. They are also more durable & requires less maintenance to keep them at their best condition. On the contrary, a traditional wooden pergola would require treatment every couple year to maintain its health, repel water & not to mention repair any damage from moisture.

Why buying a louvered pergola is worth the investment:

  • Adjustable louvers to control shade on demand
  • Durable construction material
  • Year-round champion; stands strong in rain, sunny days, snow & more.
  • Increase property value
  • Unique & useful functionality
  • Built-in gutter system to handle rainwater
  • Enhanced weather protection from sun, rain & wind
  • Wide range of customizable options

Once you have researched online, go ahead and research your local market. Talk to different contractors & companies who specialize in pergola installation. Take quotes & estimates from them to know the exact price range in your local area. Only after that, you should take a proper decision about buying a pergola according to your needs and budget. Hopefully this article helped answer some of your burning questions.

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