How to Create a Backyard Oasis?


Your day was hard, and you want to relax after having your meal. You may need some time alone to spend! Now, that is when you can utilize your backyard area. Designing your backyard oasis depends upon one’s individual choice.

“Oasis” is a place where you can enjoy the greenery with a pastoral vibe. Here comes the idea of blending both oasis and backyard- A backyard oasis from where you and your family member can spend their holidays and leisure time. Also, your backyard climate and area might be a concern for you. But that is not a big problem at all. You can sort that out by prioritizing your family members’ preferences.

A backyard oasis can bring the diversity needed to forget the monotony of your working life. Your staycation will be fun if you can properly utilize your backyard’s space. Here, we have classified the concepts of backyard oasis, which will help you choose the best fit for your backyard.

Key Takeaways

  • Setting up your backyard with different structures like- Shades, a play zone, a tree house, and a deck is a good choice to create your backyard oasis.
  • Water and relaxation features such as a water stream, pond or stone elements, hot tub, or spas can be another option for a backyard oasis.
  • If you are thinking of a get-together in your backyard – an outdoor kitchen, living area, coffee table, fire pit, or mini-bar you can set to design your backyard oasis.
  • Consider the climate before you start your backyard activities. The beauty of your backyard oasis also relies on the weather diversity.
  • Long-lasting waterproof structures, using weather coat paintings, spraying pesticides- a few suggestions that one may follow to maintain their backyard oasis.

How to Create a Backyard Oasis?

Creating a backyard oasis is an art once you understand its architecture. And now, you can beautify your backyard oasis with different ideas that we have shared below-

Set it up with different structures

Different structures are there to use while you are assembling your backyard. We have added the ideas of various structures:

Set it up with different structures

1. Shades

Shading your backyard would be the best way to protect yourself from the summer heat. Let’s start with a huge backyard where you can set up a folding umbrella and some beautiful plants. Again, if you have enough money to purchase built-in shades, there are some home décor pages from where you can get your desired outdoor shades, for instance- gazebos, pergolas, awnings, cabanas, arbors, etc.

2. Deck

Building up a deck right behind your backyard will enhance the beauty of your house. Another interesting part about this backyard oasis concept is that you can customize your deck’s setup anytime depending on the season or holiday. Decorating your deck with some tropical plants during summer, shading your deck or putting a screen for privacy, or buying some cozy furniture or benches to sit on, the ways you can customize are all up to you.

3. Play Zone

Each of us has a baby side, no matter how old we are! Playing ground always reminds us of the days of our childhood. Isn’t it? If you belong to a family and friend’s surroundings where most of the family members are babies, then a playing ground as your backyard entertainment would be a fantastic idea to execute. You can build a playground with swings, slides, and small baby toys. Remember to put only a little of them! Cause there is a chance of the place getting congested. Which will ruin the beauty of your backyard oasis.

4. Treehouse

Having a tree house in your backyard will give you the feel of ultimate nature during night-time. Also, the tree house is one of the great hangout places in the backyard for your children during the summer holidays. The structure of your tree house depends upon the size of the tree that you have chosen. Most of the tree houses we see are moderate in size.

Feel the real nature!

Feel the real nature!

Imagine you can hear the chirping sound of birds and the burbling of a water fountain in your backyard! Wouldn’t that be mesmerizing for you to wake up to every morning?

You can decorate your backyard oasis by giving it a touch of nature. Garden, pond, water stream, stone elements- these are some options you can go for. I guess gardening would be the wise choice among all of them. Cause it’s easy and cheaper. Again, gardening is not a hard nut to crack!

On the other hand, building a water feature, for example- needs your time and effort at the same time. You need to excavate the planned area, level the edge, prepare the base, and fill it with water- these are the basic steps to construct a pond or water stream. If you feel this idea is a bit fancy, you can decorate your backyard oasis with stones. You can use river rocks and different shapes of stones to do it. So, you can also utilize stones to boost the features of your backyard oasis.

Your Family Gathering Spot

This section will teach various concepts for organizing your backyard oasis as a get-together place. The concepts are –

Your family gathering spot

Dine in

Have you ever considered making your backyard your dining area? It would be beautiful to have a dinner party or lunch while enjoying the outdoor view! A few steps can make it possible. All you have to do is to put a few chairs and a table considering the number of people, and yes, don’t forget to put a bright tablecloth on it!

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can make a good-looking impression as your backyard oasis. Those who love holiday picnics or camping in the backyard can easily go for this concept. Try to customize your outdoor kitchen as crafty as possible.

Living area

You and your family members like to spend most of your free time gossiping. A living area in your backyard allows you to enjoy your best family time.

It’s an easy task to do. You can shift your indoor furniture to replace expensive outdoor furniture and save the extra expense behind new furnishing.

Coffee table

A well-decorated coffee table, having a flower tub in the center of it- can make your silent afternoon elegant while you are having a cup of coffee. So, why wait for that? You can buy a coffee table for your small backyard and spend your lazy evening out there.


You can’t have a weekend party without liquor! I suggest you build a mini bar in your backyard. Lighten up your mini bar, organizing your alcohol bottle according to the bar size – “not much, not so less,” you need to remember when preparing your backyard oasis.


Commonly known as a fire pit or fireplace- you can buy a portable one or install a permanent one to glamorize your backyard oasis. Again, a fireplace can be a great help during the winter season.

You and your partner can spend romantic time under the blazing star by getting the warmth from your backyard fire pit!

Pop it up with colors!

You won’t mind adding a small touch of color shades in your backyard! You can decorate your fence or backyard wall with string lights. Moreover, you can shade your walls with artistic colors. Not only that, but you can set up your backyard with bright furniture.

Your backyard climate

Now that you know some things you can add to your backyard oasis, you need to consider your backyard climate. Before starting the work of your backyard oasis, acknowledge the weather of your location. Sunny, shady, or snowy! These three types of conditions you may notice in your backyard.

  • If your backyard remains sunny, go for the structure installation or family gathering spot we discussed.
  • If it is shady, you can choose the option of relaxation (hot tubs, hammocks, and lounges).
  • If snowy, then a fireplace would be the finest choice so far! Your expected backyard oasis should be weather-tight to protect your furniture or outdoor structures from damage.

Here I would like to add my opinion: whichever backyard oasis you want to establish, always try to build that with shades or choose the corners to get the best out of it.

You can establish the perfect backyard oasis according to the size. But, the climate of your accommodation matters the most, as you will take advantage of that.

Notes to remember!

By this time, you have already determined the design of your backyard oasis. Before you start your preparation, I would like to add a few suggestions regarding the accomplishment of those ideas-

  1. As you are going to use furniture for outdoor purposes, try to buy weatherproof material for long-term use. But if you use indoor furniture, keep weather protection such as waterproof patios to save your furniture from the rainy or snowy season.
  2. The structure you will install (play zone, deck, gazebos, etc.) should be long-lasting and stable. So, try to be choosy before getting any of those.
  3. If you are considering landscaping features (garden, pond, stream, etc.), prepare your backyard first. The soil bed should be perfect. Again, keep your backyard oasis bug-free by spraying pesticides.
  4. While coloring your backyard fence or wall, use weather coat painting to keep them safe from damage.


1. How do you make a garden oasis?

Planting trees would be the initial step to making a garden oasis. Along with that, you can make pavements and put flower tubs on both sides of them. Adding a water fountain or water stream would be a great idea too!

2. How do I make my backyard an oasis budget-friendly?

When the word ‘budget-friendly’ comes, homeowners often get worried about the fall of their house’s elegance. You can make a budget-friendly backyard oasis with homemade shades, color your walls, build a backyard pond, etc.

3. How do you privatize a small backyard?

To privatize your small backyard, you can shade it with patios or fences or use direct screening. Again, you can use a permanent wall installation to spend time with your family.

4. How do I make my large yard feel cozy?

A fireplace could be a great combination of heat and chill. You enjoy the romantic nature on a chilly starry night with your partner. Also, you can set up a big lounge chaise or hammocks near the trees to get your perfect relaxation.

5. What makes a backyard inviting?

You can easily make a living set up or a dining place to look your backyard more inviting. Also, a water feature such as a pond, water stream, fountain, or stone elements can be a great installation here.

Final Thoughts

In brief, backyard oasis decoration depends on how much you know your backyard and how often you use that. The number of people, the location, the weather, and the occasions are our basic findings that will matter to creating a new backyard oasis.

As there are many options to choose from – you need to focus on the practical facts. From my side, I want to say that go for those concepts which you can generate quickly. Because once you practice constructing your backyard oasis, it might get easier for you to switch to other ideas later. And there are many websites and YouTube content to get DIY backyard oasis ideas.

Last but not least, no need to hurry! Think, assemble and execute. Have a joyful experiment with building your backyard oasis!

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