How to Create Shade Without Tree in Backyard?


You have a backyard that is running out of trees. Tree plantation and waiting for those trees to grow up might be sluggish. That is when the idea of outdoor shading comes. Those who have plenty of trees in their backyard can also try shading. Cause outdoor shading may be a luxury for you. No, it’s not! There are cheaper ways to do that. One can sneak into their house to decorate their outdoor shades.

A few concerns may arise while you plan to install an outdoor shade in your backyard. The size of your backyard may differ also. However, there are various types of shades that you can get online or in shops according to your choices. Here is another thing to remember: how will you decorate your backyard with those shades? To support your concern, we have discussed some significant facts on decorating your backyard without trees.

How to Create Shade Without Tree in Backyard?

If you are a newbie, this could be an enjoyable home task. And, if you are afraid that you might be short on money while decorating, I want you to be relaxed because you can also avail yourself of the stuff from your home. Added to that, the area of our backyard, types of shades you want to set up, and some tips regarding those- we will get to know details about these essential topics from below.

The outlook of your backyard

The outlook of your backyard

The area of your backyard may differ from your neighborhood. Just because your neighbor has a huge backyard does not mean you need to get upset about it. All you have to do is to research a bit before decorating your shades.

The area consisting of your backyard should be a concern before buying or installing your favorite shades. Moreover, it could be a swimming pool, a dining area, or a small garden area. So, how you want to decorate and which shade would suit your backyard depends on how much time you will spend in your backyard.

Typical occasions you would like to arrange could be:

•Outdoors weekend parties

•Family get together

•Birthday celebrations

•Holiday events like Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.

So, remember to set up your decorations considering people and place, which is very important.

The easiest way to shade the backyard

Before you get more inclined to online shopping or shop-bought shades, I would like to introduce you to some homemade shades you can quickly build. The shades you plan to buy online or in shops- you can set them up in a few steps with almost no time with available home equipment. Bamboos, woods, poles, strings, hammers, rope, fabrics (cotton or other types as you prefer), bedsheets, and curtains- these are the objects you need to build the structure of your backyard shades.

Now comes when you need to utilize your equipment to build a strong base of the shades. First, make the frame of your patio, shade sail, or pergola. Bamboo, wood, or poles, whatever you are using, ensure that you have buried them firmly. Another point is to use moderate fabrics as shades. For instance- avoid using those bedsheets, curtains, or cotton sheets that are very old and may easily get torn. Tie the rope tightly with the poles and secure them with clips or nails. Be careful about that cause as you are trying without expert help, there might be a chance of wrecking due to strong wind or natural disasters.

One more piece of information is that trying those home DIY does not mean you need to do it alone. You can get a helping hand from your family and friends to support you while doing the task.

In addition, tenting or using a large umbrella that you already have at your home can help reduce the heat of the sun in the summer season for outdoor recreation.

Decorating your backyard with different shades

Let me introduce you to the shades’ names and the decoration idea. On that note, there are many ways to decorate your backyard with many shades. Before decorating your backyard with shades, readers can go through the chart to understand which shade they can use according to their purpose and budget.

Name of the shadesPermanent        TemporaryBoth
Permanent RoofXX
Patio CurtainsXX
Shade SailsXX
Rolling ShadesXX
Thatched RoofXX
Decorating your backyard with different shades



The popularity of gazebos is beyond description. People with much space and budget can quickly go through this shading concept. This permanent outdoor shading structure can give more private space than other shading elements. Also, its protected space is a plus for your children to play. You can use this as an office, for tea parties, or reading area.

Usually, gazebos will come up in octagonal or hexagonal shapes. And its solid roof will protect you from the sun and the rain. What could be more effective and reasonable than choosing wood to make your gazebos? You can make your handmade wooden gazebos if you have a small backyard.


You might think that the gazebo and pergola are almost identical. Actually, No, it is not. Where the gazebo gives full coverage from the sunrays, pergolas are slatted shades from where you can get the sunlight to shine.

Another interesting fact is; it is cheaper than gazebos. Again, you can use pergolas as your backyard support attached to your house. Pergola allows you to decorate it with different curtains according to the occasion.


As a permanent solution, you can put a wall around your backyard. Though fencing may not help you get your required shadow, according to the daylight, it can protect you in the afternoon or morning.


You want to feel the fantastic view of your backyard swimming pool while the afternoon party is on! A daybed can be an addition here. A stylish, cozy outdoor bed with curtains or a patio can make your holiday perfect!



One can quickly build up a structure of a cabana nearby their backyard pool. Often people use cabanas as a changing room. So, considering that patio curtains covering the whole of your cabana would be a better option.


Arbors are commonly known as a garden or outdoor entries. Having an arbor as shade in your backyard would be a good idea if you are looking for something cheap. Usually, arbors are small in size, including an arching beam.

Are you thinking about installing an arbor in your backyard? Though it comes up with a congested structure, you can create shades by using curtains around it or wrapping it up with light. Also, you can customize it with a sitting bench to have your morning coffee or evening gossip there!

Permanent roof:

The word ‘permanent’ itself declares that this shade will give you a permanent solution. Seems expensive! But if you have a massive backyard with a big house, and you have enough money to invest in such decorations, then this could be the best decision for the long term.

Again, for permanent rooftops, consider taking services from home decorators instead of trying alone.


If you are a person who is always having weekend parties with large arrangements, then the installation of the pavilion is a fantastic idea to execute. This permanent shading will give you a large roof where your dining tables and chairs will easily fit.

So, a permanent shady spot in your backyard beside your pool or small garden can level up the beauty of your house.



A balcony attached to your backyard is also a good concept. Though, you can do it while building your house or later. No need to mention those house owners with a backyard for namesake can use that balcony to spend their leisure time with family. Rectangular, round, or triangle shape – you can build a balcony from any of those shapes.


Canopies are both permanent and temporary solutions for your backyard. You have a large backyard and looking for something portable. Then canopy can help you to serve that purpose.

Also, it could be an excellent help for big wedding occasions, birthday parties, or family lunches. Here, I want to share one more thing- while buying canopies; you can choose the temporary one to use later outside your backyard.


Umbrella shades could be both permanent and portable simultaneously. You can set it up beside the swimming pool, in any corner of your backyard, or in the middle. Install your umbrella shades according to the size of your backyard.

You will find umbrella shades that are UV resistant and available in dark colors because dark-shaded umbrellas can vigorously protect you from sun-heat rather than light. You can find two types of umbrellas: wood and metal frames. Remember, the size of the umbrella should be five feet wider than the table you are using.


Awnings are popular temporary shadings that you will find on the streets of almost every shop or restaurant. The variant that awnings have could enhance the beauty of your backyard deck.

You can install a retractable awning behind the backyard and put a bench or chairs or a combo of both. That will make your lazy evening more beautiful.

Patio curtains:

Patio curtains

You can use patio curtains as temporary shading. As it is removable, you can make them your home curtain as well if needed.

Before investing in a patio curtain, research the type of curtain you may need. Windproof, waterproof, heavy, or light- you only know the best fit for your pavilion, pergola, or gazebos.

Shade sails:

Shading sails are the easiest way to put shades. This triangular temporary shade could be a budget-friendly investment for you and your family. You can also make that at your home with your preferred fabric. You need to check whether the knots are tied to the trees perfectly. Before buying shade sails, also keep in mind about the fact of the stability of your purchased products. Try to choose something better to help you in rough weather conditions.

Rolling shades:

Rolling shades are commonly known as window coverings. You can search for various types of rolling shades as per your choice. Were you looking for a classy shade for your backyard patio or pergolas? On that note, bamboo rolling shades will be an ideal choice for you. Remember to pick dark shades to protect yourself from heat, wind, or rain!


We often use this shading method for camping. You are going to have a barbeque at night or a lunch fest with your near ones; tenting in the backyard is the best decision ever as a temporary solution.

Thatched roof:

Setting up a thatched roof in your backyard will give you a polar vibe during the hot summer. Imagine your outdoor dining area is fully thatched and decorated with colorful light! Isn’t that great? Also, you can make that a small sitting place if you run out of space.

Suppose you do not want to need to set your thatched roof without taking any home decor service. No worries! You will find several DIY ideas to make your custom thatched roof.

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Tips for your backyard shading

Experienced people can quickly sort out the types of backyard shades they want. But as a new house owner, it’s difficult for you to make decisions at that time.

 I want to add a few thoughts here to assist you in choosing the steps before you purchase or make your backyard shades.

  • Don’t rush! Cause the shades that you will buy are going to stay lifelong in your backyard. A few suggestions from your friends or experts might help you.
  • Pick a handyperson. A helping hand during installing your backyard shades will save you time. That handyman could also be your family members, friends, or neighbors.
  • Choose quality materials. While shading outdoors, you must check out the clarity of the equipment you will use.
  • It needs to be weather friendly. Your shades should be weather-resistant. Summer, winter, or stormy- whichever season it is- consider those shades that can protect you from almost all weather.
  • Keep them clean. You have to take care of your backyard shades. Cleaning your backyard shades once or twice a week would be enough.


1. How do you make a quick shade?

You can simply cover up your patio with curtains or any kind of your favorite cotton fabrics you want to. Also, you can use your bedsheets for canopy or pergola. If you have a portable umbrella which is huge that could be a possible solution as well.

2. How do you make a homemade shade?

For homemade shade use umbrellas, tenting methods, curtains or bedsheets by covering up your gazebos, pavilions, pergolas or whichever outdoor shading you are using.

3. How do you shade the side of a patio?

To shade the side of your patio you can use old bedsheets or curtains if you want. Remember you should not use timeworn materials. Always try to use the purchased one or the one youa re currently using.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, backyard outdoor shading without trees is not that tough to process once you know all the steps. Knowing your backyard and shades, the available home tools to shade your backyard by yourself, and some concern issues, you must keep in mind before shading outdoors- I have already discussed all these topics.

Though you will find several types of shades in the market, it will be a good idea to experiment by installing those shades in your backyard. So that you can come up with a final decision on which outdoor shades would be perfect for your backyard? On that note, start with a trial of homemade outdoor shades to test the strength of your shades. Later, you can move to a permanent one once you are ready. All you need to confirm is the satisfaction and durability for you and your whole family.

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