How to Find Crystals in Your Backyard?


Are you thinking about collecting crystals? That is also from your backyard. Sounds amazing! Before starting crystal collecting, you must know about crystals, right? Well, A crystal is one kind of mineral unique in its type, consisting of atoms, ions, or molecules. According to crystallography, different types of crystals may be found in different regions. You need to identify the crystals you found in your backyard. And for that, you may need a little bit of research or guideline, which we will provide here to assist you.

Another thing is that you must get worried about if you can find crystals in your backyard or not. Well, not everyone has the same backyard. So, according to your backyard type, you may find crystals more or less. That also depends upon your search and how far you can dig and collect this unique material. Last but not least, your journey will not finish by only collecting them, cause you need to take good care of them to keep them unblemished.

How to Find Crystals in Your Backyard?

To begin, not only do you have to find a way of collecting crystals, but you also need to keep in mind the current kind of surroundings you are living in! Following that, knowing your backyard first, the classification of crystals, the crystal gathering stuff you need, and how to take care of them are the ways I would like to share with you below.

Know your backyard first

Know your backyard first

There are various kinds of backyards. Does it depend on where you reside? If you live near the countryside then access to the jungle, garden, river and lakes or mountains would be available there. Again, if you live in a city, you may have a backyard with a garden or swimming pool.

1. Garden

Is your backyard a rocky garden area full of creeks? The best of luck to you that there is a huge possibility of finding crystals. A hand sieve or sifter will help you search for crystals in the soil. Select first from where you want to collect the rocks, and then go for it!

2. Countryside

Living in the countryside and questioning whether you can find crystal? As we have discussed earlier, the probability of finding crystals depends on the soil of a particular region. Look around your backyard and remember that you may need a few days to understand the soil after researching the area.

Again, a narrow road behind your home may end on a hill. Those roads can be your target also. The possibilities are barely minimal, but you should try!

3. River and lakes

The creeks and river beds near your backyard are a plus for you in mining crystals. As the river or lake is situated right behind your home, it would be a time saver too! Additionally, living there for many years will help you to choose the particular spot from where you may find them. Look over the places where the water is the shallowest. You can directly go in the water while having a bath, or during swimming, you can search for crystals. However, you might not get your desired crystals all the time but keep mining!

4. Mountains

You are currently living in a place where you can view the Alps of the mountains just from your backyard? Then yes! There is a chance of finding crystals from there. However, there is a slight difference between the mountain crystals and other rock formations. However, this fact should not make you upset! Because you must keep trying to find something special to add to your crystal connection.

5. Jungle

One more small thing you should not ignore is that behind your home, there might be a passage that goes along in the jungle. Take that chance too!

Classification of crystals

To know crystals better, we want to give an initial idea regarding the types of crystals available in various regions.

Name of the crystals, their appearances, and region you may find helpful all this interesting information from below-

Name of the crystalsRegionAppearance
QuartzBrazil, Russia, MadagascarWhite, citrine yellow, purple, pink
AmethystNorth Carolina, Colorado, MaineRich purple shade or pink
AgateWestern statesWhite, gray, black, yellow, brown, red, lilac, pink
TopazWestern statesBlue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink
OpalCalifornia, Nevada, OregonWhite, yellow, gray, black, brown
GarnetBrazil, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, California, and Montana Dark red
TurquoiseSouthwest part of the USBlue, green, or a mixture of both
Types of crystals in various regions

There are Peridot, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Malachite, etc. Other than those seven commonly known crystals. If you are frustrated about the unavailability of crystals on your lawn, note some places where you can also do crystal collecting: Jade Cove Trail, Graves Mountain, Crater of Diamonds State Park, Bonanza Opal Mine, Denio, etc. You can visit those places and become a regular miner to get the experience you could not get from your backyard. So, the more you research on the internet, the more you will know about crystals.

Crystal gathering stuff you need

Crystal gathering stuff you need

Ready for mining? Before that, you need a few arrangements, like simple tools available at home. The first three tools you must need for mining as a beginner are a shovel, sieve, and bucket. This stuff is a must before you start!


A shovel will help you to dig the soil. Hand shovels are a bit longer, and another sort is spades which might help you to find crystals from the rocks. It is up to the soil from where you are trying to dig. The type of soil may be sand, clay, or creeks.


What kind of sieve do you prefer? I think for experienced ones, it would be easier to choose the best sieve according to the types of the earth. Initially, start using the one you have in your collection.


Where will you put your collected unique crystals? Bucket! Don’t forget to keep a bucket while digging. One more thing, try to choose a handy bucket- not so heavy nor so light. And if you are collecting crystals along with your child or family members or friends, all of you can point to some places where you will put your giant buckets to put them after collections.


Use a magnet if you feel to identify crystals very closely. It does not apply to teens or children as they do not need to classify the crystals.


Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands from the soil! Children to elders-everyone should wear thicker gloves to save their fingers from dust and mud.


The place you are digging may be sloppy, watery, or rocky. Wear boots to save your toes and feet as well.

Moreover, wear something old or clothes you will use no more while digging, as we know there is a possibility of ruining your outfit. Waterproof jacket, long sleeve tee, trousers, hat- these are a few suggestions for you to wear while you are mining.

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How to take care of them?

How to take care of them

Done with your crystal collection! Now time to take good care of the. I will demonstrate four major easy ways, from cleaning to storing in this topic.

Cleaning with:

salt water or vinegar water, whichever combo you use to wash your crystal, is mandatory to keep the stone immaculate. If your crystal is the oldest and full of dust and mud, it might need a deep-water cleaning, but do it carefully!


No need to get confused! We will not tell you to use a charger to charge your crystal. You have to put your crystals in full moon to recharge them. Those who use crystals for healing must put them on the windowsill during that time at least up to three days.

Another method is to bury them underneath the ground for one week to clear the dust from your crystal. That will keep it polished as well.

Use brush and fabric:

Your crystal is too delicate. You do not need to wash it off! You can use dry cotton fabric or brushes to cleanse the mud and dust from it. If your crystal is not that sloppy, use this technique to keep it clean.

Managing storage:

How you will store your collected crystals only depends on your choices. You can keep them in a box, showcase them on your bookshelf, put them on your reading table, and many other ways.


1. Where is the best place to find crystals outside?

Public or private lands, digging sites, mine training, creeks, and river beds- are some places where you can find crystals. Also, search online to get the best idea about outdoor places where you may find your desired crystals.

2. What to bring to dig for crystals?

Tools you need to gather before digging are the same as gardening stuff, such as gloves, a Shovel, a spade, a sieve, and a bucket. Also, you may use magnets and eye protection while digging.

3. How long do you need to charge a crystal?

Well, put them on the windowsill to recharge on the full moon for at least three days. The best neutralizing option is to bury your crystal under the ground for one week.

4. What happens if you bury crystals?

Your crystal is delicate, and you are thinking of keeping the uniqueness of your stone. Just bury them in the earth, and they will be ready to use after one week. We know that from where crystal comes, so if you put them right there again, they will remain shiny more than before.

5. How deep do you have to dig to find crystals?

At first, do not stop digging until you find at least one crystal. Then go as deep as possible if you need to because there might be a higher chance for you to fill your crystal bucket fully.

Final Words

Previously we have learned about the backyard places where you can find crystals, the types of crystals, the tools you need, and how to keep those beautiful materials. One may get sad after thinking about the research and arrangements that a crystal collection journey may need. Trust me; it is not a big issue at all. Once you begin the mining, you will find it the most amusing adventure of all. Also, the more you explore your backyard, the more you will be an expert in digging, which will also help you later in your outdoor crystal collection.

Undoubtedly, you have gone through the whole content and got almost all the prior ideas. Why wait? Prepare yourself for this incredible exploration that you are going to have. Have a happy crystal collection!

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