How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Backyard?


Mosquitoes are tiny flying insects that use human blood protein for their reproduction. They are common and can be found all over the world. They spread fatal viruses and parasites like West Nile, Malaria, Dengue, Zika, etc. Their itchy bites not only bother your leisure but will also irritate your guests in the backyard.

Mosquitoes have several stages of their life cycle. Summer weather is a suitable environment for mosquitoes to lay eggs and hatch larvae. It is possible to kill mosquitoes in every stage of their life cycle.

We know that you are worried about their presence. For your convenience, we have measured some effective precautions to prevent their aggression in the backyard.

Key Takeaways

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and other animal emissions. Therefore, it is an effective way to confuse them through some essential oils fume.
  • Summer weather is helpful for mosquito reproduction. You should apply all preventive steps at the end of the winter. It will shut down mosquito production.
  • Killing and repelling are two different things. Killing mosquitoes are a long time mosquito prevention method. Repelling only drives away mosquitoes from any properties for a short time.
  • Long-term mosquito prevention methods are, dropping BTI tablets in water-sunken areas and spraying professional-grade mosquito killers in your backyard.
  • Short-time mosquito repelling processes are cleaning and removing weeds, standing water, and wastage from your backyard. You can plant mosquito-repellent plants and burn essential oils-infused candles in your backyard.
  • Some professional mosquito-killing experts and companies are ready to work for your convenience. You can take their help.

Why it is important to keep your backyard mosquito free?

Why it is important to keep your backyard mosquito free

Mosquitoes’ harmful effects can lead you to death! During a dengue fever, an adult may survive but not the children. Malaria parasites can be spread through mosquitoes from one person to another. There is no way to recover from this fever without difficulties.

The favorable temperature for mosquito reproduction is above 10 degrees Celsius. Four different life stages need at least 8-10 days. Each time a female mosquito can lay at least 700 eggs! It is better to destroy their eggs. Because these eggs can survive cold weather.

Not only the diseases play disturbing roles but also itchy bites can make your moment hellish. The reason you must keep your environment mosquito-free is that:

  • To keep your children and pets safe.
  • To make your home and backyard easily accessible.
  • To ensure the guests’ safety in your area.
  • To keep your house livable.

Effective ways to repeal mosquitoes in backyard

You can interrupt the mosquito life cycle in your surroundings by taking some prevention methods. But sometimes, we become the main reason behind making our yard and home a mosquito magnet. It is not true that they suck blood as their food, blood protein helps to produce healthy eggs. When they bite you, you can be certain that they are laying eggs nearby your property.

Usually, mosquitoes prefer water-sunk, warm and shady areas for breeding. They try to find out dark places and still water to hatch their larva. When we become careless and messy about our backyard and forget to withdraw household waste from living areas. That time, mosquitoes occupy our place as their colony!

Some common breeding places for mosquitoes are:

  • Grassy and weedy backyard.
  • Anything filled with clear still water.
  • Under tree roots.
  • Under tree pots.
  • Weedy sunken areas.

Hope you get it. So, what can you do now? Immediately go and check your backyard. There is a what-to-do list for you. You should try them. They are:

Dethatch your backyard

Dethatch your backyard

If you have a neat and clean backyard, then you can skip this part otherwise it is an essential step to repel mosquitoes. The dethatching process destroys mosquito habitats and lessens the possibility of coming back to them in your area. It is also better for your garden’s soil and drainage systems. Therefore, you need a clear perception of dethatching. Let’s start the process.

  1. Your garden soil may have been covered by a thick layer of grassy roots, dry leaves, organic fertilizer, and various stems. This layer can hold a large amount of water which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. That is why you should uproot the layer from your garden or backyard. Identify the layer.
  2. Then examine how deep it is, and cut a small square-shaped layer from your backyard ground. Check the layer’s height. A 1-inch long thatching surface is okay, but if it overcomes 2 inches’ then you have to be prepared for dethatching.
  3. You can dethatch by using a rake but this is a time-consuming process. The better option is to use a dethatcher. It will save you time and energy.
  4. After you have switched on your machine, wait until the grass and shrubs are mowed completely.
  5. You have to run the mowing machine until the soil surface is visible.

In the end, use a dethatcher or rake or whatever tools you have to remove the upper layer from your backyard. You have done your work successfully.

Eradicate standing water from your surrounded area

Eradicate standing water from your surrounded area

Standing water is the breeding floor of mosquitoes. Without a still water surface, they cannot lay their eggs. So now, it is your unavoidable job to withdraw any debris that can hold water from your home and backyard.

Now, clean all these:

  • Old tires provide the perfect environment for mosquito breeding. They not only hold still water but also give a proper temperature for the mosquito larvae. Through them into the dustbin from your yard. If you have a hanged one, then drill it in the bottom.
  • You have to remove water from your plant saucer. Half an inch of water is enough for mosquito breeding.
  • Remove water from bird baths or change them daily. They can be a breeding ground because of your idleness.
  • It is essential to flip over the things like kid’s toys, food bowls, plant tubs, and unused buckets, that you do not want to throw away. They can hold water.
  • Wheelbarrows, pet bowls, and trash can lids can be breeding colonies if you do not pay any attention.
  • Depressions in the lawn and backyard can hold a large amount of water after a rainy day. You should clean them also.

Use bti in the sunken areas of your backyard

BTI is an organic solution for killing mosquito larvae. It is a type of bacteria that is naturally collected from the soil. It produces toxins that kill the mosquito larvae and other fungal elements in the water. It is not harmful to the human body. So, you can directly use it in your backyard.

Most people have a pond or several aquatic areas in their backyard that cannot drain away easily. For those, BTI is an essential solution. You can find it in any nearby store or garden supply shop.

It does not kill aquarium fish or animals and plants. You can drop a BTI dunk in the watery areas of your backyard or you can spray it over the surface. It is most popular among Americans.

Dispossess all wastage

Mosquitoes love damp and dirty areas; they find heaven there. Moreover, it gives them the necessary moisture their eggs need. If your backyard contains weedy and debris-filled corners, then cut and clear them. A clean environment provides a long-lasting hygienic vibe and health safety.

Fallen tree branches and overgrown grasses give enough shade to adult mosquitoes. It is their favorite place to the inhabitant.

Use a professional grade Mosquito killer

Use a professional grade mosquito killer

A professional-grade mosquito killer gives you longer assurance and safety. Local governments also provide such a type of service to their citizens. Though most insecticides kill many useful pollinators like the honey bee, sometimes we have to use them to neutralize mosquitos’ overgrowth.

Most insecticides use Pyrethrines, which kill other useful insects too. We can take some precautions to lessen the harmful effects. There are some processes:

  1. First, you need to calculate the area of your backyard. It is better to measure it in square footage.
  2. If you buy an insecticide that recommends 1000 square feet then we suggest you divide the amount by 1000. Now, calculate how much amount you need to spray in your area.
  3. You can spray instantly if your insecticide is not in concentration form. If it is concentrated, then mix water with it following the packet instructions.
  4. If you use only an ounce of chemical, then you can spray it using bottles otherwise more than an ounce of chemical needs a hos-end sprayer.

Plant mosquito repellent plants in the backyard

Plant mosquito repellent plants in the backyard

There is an organic and environment-friendly way to repel mosquitoes from your backyard. This eco-friendly method is also cheap and easy. Mosquito-repellent plants keep away mosquitoes from your home and backyard. They emit some elements into the environment which are toxic for mosquitoes. These useful trees are:

  • Citronella
  • Lavender
  • Marigolds
  • Nasturtiums
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Mint

How to drive away mosquitoes fast for occasions?

A backyard can be a place of amusement during vacations. But it is very uncomfortable for everyone when mosquito bites become intolerable during a family gathering or at a party. That time an effective mosquito repellent spray becomes our savior.

That is a quick and affordable solution for removing mosquitoes from the scenario. Moreover, they are less harmful to any animal.

Natural Process of Eradicating Mosquitoes from the Backyard

Natural process of eradicating mosquitoes from the backyard

Some natural processes you can follow as your mosquito repellent maintenance. We can provide you with some suggestions. Such as, you can fume essential oils with some dry weeds in your backyard. Eucalyptus oil is an essential substance to eradicate mosquitoes effectively. A honey bee blower is useful for this process.

Other essential oils burner such as citronella oil-infused candle is the most effective fragrance which keeps mosquitoes far from your home and backyard.

Mosquitoes can be attracted by dark colors, so you can light color paints to décor your areas. Another effective way is to lighten your backyard with yellow lights.

Professional expertise to expel mosquitoes from home and backyard

Some companies and professional experts provide excellent services to their clients. They take an amount in exchange for their valuable service. You can find them via online websites and YouTube references. We strongly suggest you take their services if you can afford them.

TruGreen mosquito defense company provides 24 hours professional service for mosquito prevention in any area of America. You can search their website.

Mosquito Authority company also a popular source for mosquito control and prevention. But their charge rate is high.


1. What is the most effective way to repel mosquitoes from my backyard?

Insecticides provide a guaranteed assurance to repel mosquitoes. They are Pyrethrin based chemical substances that kill every stage of mosquitoes in the backyard and home. But they are not suitable for indoor applications. You can spray them in your backyard only.

2. What is the natural process of removing mosquitoes from the backyard?

Some natural methods are effectively applicable for mosquito repellence. You can plant mosquito repellent plants on your property, use essential oil fume, burn an essential oil-infused candle, etc.

3. What is BTI mosquito repellent?

BTI is a biological bacterium that is collected from the soil. It is a natural component that dissolute toxic elements in the water surface which can destroy mosquito eggs and larvae. The most advantageous role of BTI is it completely safe for aquatic plants and animals.

4. What is the breeding period of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can breed in every weather but a summer is the most suitable weather for mosquito breeding. At end of the winter and the beginning of the summer is the mosquito breeding period.

5. How can I repel mosquitoes in my backyard during a party instantly?

There are some mosquito repellent sprays available in the market which can eradicate mosquitoes instantly. You can try them. Also, essential oil-infused candle works effectively.

6. Which plant is most effective to drive away mosquitoes?

The citronella tree is one of the plants that emit mosquito-repellent elements. It is most popular for removing mosquitoes in the backyard. A lavender tree is another efficient solution to this problem.

Final Thoughts

Mosquito is one of the major headaches during summertime. People become frightened to think about their dangerous effects. They spread diseases from one corner to another corner of the world. To keep our home and backyard livable and safe, we must try our best to remove them from our portfolio.

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