How to Identify Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture?


Outdoor furniture has taken over the favor of many furniture lovers. This specific furniture category is unique, authentic, and the finest of all. Brown Jordan is at the top of that list.

Brown Jordan is one of the best innovative, meticulously designed, and exceptionally executed outdoor furniture and accessories manufacturers. Well-known for its iconic and award-winning designs. This company is offering classy furniture for a refined, relaxed, and luxurious outdoor living since 1945. The founders of this furniture company are Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan from Pasadena, CA. The name of the company originated from both founder’s names.

If you love having Brown Jordan furniture in your outdoor seating area, you might want to know how to identify the real one. Well, there are lots of manufacturers that use marketing strategies where the name holds the iconic manufacturer. Such as Brown Jordan outdoor furniture. This is a harsh truth. Even so, Brown Jordan is often replicated but never duplicated. Let’s move to the main discussion to find out the real Brown Jordan.

Key Takeaways

  • To know the company by its name, style, and through what is the story behind it.
  • Know the right place to find the original Brown Jordan. Try their retail showrooms or website for safe identification.
  • Do not purchase Brown Jordan furniture from an unidentified online platform. Do not compromise on the cost of buying from a luxury furniture brand.

How to Identify Real Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture?

How to identify real brown Jordan outdoor furniture

Brown Jordan is one of the best brands for outdoor furniture in the whole world. This brand has a huge impact on extreme furniture collectors and buyers. Still, many furniture buyers do not know how to identify a real brand and end up buying fake replicas.

Especially, when it concerns a well-known big company. People try to copy their names, method, and style. You can find many websites and sellers as they are selling fake outdoor furniture in the name of Brown Jordan. So, are you curious about identifying the real Brown Jordan? Here are some ordinary ways to find out.

To know Brown Jordan

To know brown Jordan

First and foremost, you need to know every prominent detail about Brown Jordan as an entity. Every brand has its own characteristics which make uniqueness. For an outdoor furniture company, focus on style, design, quality, and many more. Finding out what makes a brand exclusive from others. It can be the vibe it has when you see or touch the furniture. A brand must have key brand elements such as a unique visual expression, brand personality, and class standard that identifies and differentiates a product from its competitors.

Like any other brand, Brown Jordan has acceded the name by remarkable style, iconic design, and uncompromised quality of outdoor furniture. Since 1945, Brown Jordan is making history in the chapter of furniture industry by ensuring that customers are satisfied with their products. You can visit the website to identify Brown Jordan more accurately and have zero hesitation.

Knowing the brand story

Knowing the brand story

Most of the top-notch brands have been doing business for a long time. During this period, they nourish a story to tell and show gratitude towards their customers. Brown Jordan also has one. This story creates value for the brand.

Telling the brand story is a way of communication and it is important to your customers. This storytelling method helps your customers to understand what the brand stands for and what the message is deep inside.

This message is also a guideline. A brand guideline can help outline the choice by which a brand can express itself. Everything from the color pallet, styling, and logo tender is included to prove the brand and its image. Brown Jordan makes the most of it. The story they tell is to have an aesthetic outdoor furniture living. Reading the story will make you grudge to attach your feelings to the artwork of Brown Jordan.

Brown Jordan style

Brown Jordan style

Talking about remarkable style, Brown Jordan is above all other outdoor furniture manufacturers. The style of Brown Jordan is not only in furniture making. They keep the style at every step. From furniture design to customer satisfaction.

A brand like Brown Jordan has a particular style that will give you a vibe on its furniture. Especially on outdoor furniture.

Not many brands can make reliable outdoor furniture. Brown Jordan is making outdoor and indoor furniture for so long. To make a consistent satisfactory, Brown Jordan is keeping the same style with different designs. From the ’50s, 60’s, 70’s all the way to 2022, they have a significant way to present themselves as a brand which makes them unique.

Know the right place to buy

Know the right place to buy

Identifying a brand is not so hard at all. Like any other brand, Brown Jordan also has specific places where you can get their outdoor furniture to experience. Everyone needs to check before buying products by touching or using them at their full potential.

People get triggered to verify from every possible angle when it is about outdoor furniture. Even so, you need someone trusted who can assure you provide authenticity. Brown Jordan has outdoor furniture retails in altered places and platforms.

Different ways of buying Brown Jordan outdoor furniture:

1. Authentic retail outlets

The most ideal way to find identical Brown Jordan outdoor furniture is through their authentic retail outlets. They have hundreds of showrooms in California, San Francisco, Florida, New Colorado, and all over the USA. You can visit and find the original Brown Jordan outdoor furniture very easily.

2. Online marketplace

On the other hand, if you live outside the USA or have a busy working schedule, you can simply purchase Brown Jordan outdoor furniture online. There is some e-commerce platform where you can find authentic products. Such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. You can search for an original online shop on your own and go to Brown Jordan’s website to purchase.

You can find all these unique characteristics just by visiting Brown Jordan’s website. If you are not satisfied yet then there is a little more to consider to identify real Brown Jordan before buying.

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Precaution for Buying Brown Jordan

Do you believe that outdoor furniture can be a fake replica? Using some brand’s name to sell their product which calls piracy. Yes, these thing happens all over the world.

You will face this kind of harassment by doing the cheapest mistakes on the planet.

  1. Do not try to purchase Brown Jordan from any online website like! Think like a wise man. Would you go to a bar to buy milk? No, right? The same logic applies here too! Go to a trusted web platform and read reviews that helped. More appropriate is to visit Brown Jordan’s official website which is the safest way to identify the real one.
  2. Do not compromise the price. If you compromise on money to get your outdoor seating and your grocery going at the same cost, you are going to lose both your money and outdoor luxury. Remember, better goods required better money. Brown Jordan is a luxury choice to spend money on. So, spend more to have your headache go away for 20 years.

Maintain these two rules whenever you buy furniture or any other product. These suggestions will get handy in a long run.


1. Where is Brown Jordan made?

The company is integrated with several manufacturing facilities in the US and Mexico. The company sources products from cost-friendly regions like China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

2. How long does Brown Jordan furniture last?

The structural uprightness of aluminum and steel frames manufactured by Brown Jordan can last more than decades. The powder coating finishing they apply to their furniture can last 10 to 20 years or more.

3. Is Brown Jordan furniture old-fashioned?

It’s time to consider so-called ‘Old-fashioned’ had a renaissance. Falsely labeled as old, dark, and bulky, finding both old-fashioned and modern designs, are beautifully made by Brown Jordan and can be picked up from local auctions.

4. At what age is Brown Jordan’s furniture considered vintage?

Most antique dealers consider an item to be vintage if it is at least 40 years old. So, in the context of the vintage, a Brown Jordan item would be made between 1945 and 2000. Even though many vintage Brown Jordan outdoor furniture is nostalgic, they are hunted for many reasons besides their age.

Final Thoughts

Although Brown Jordan is a renowned outdoor furniture company, they also have many competitors and copy makers. You can easily get manipulated and end up buying fake furniture. To identify Brown Jordan you need to follow the points discussed. Make sure you spend a good amount of money to buy a luxurious outdoor furniture set. Be wise to choose the right place to get a real Brown Jordan. Hope this article helps you.

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