How to identify salterini patio furniture

How To Identify Salterini Patio Furniture?

Patio furniture has been decorating our backyard for quite a long time now. Historians have traced ancient patio setups in green and Roman Empire artifact structures. Until the recent past, patio furniture has seen evolution, in terms of how they are made and its quality. Many infamous companies have been making this patio furniture to keep up with the demand of patio lovers. But a small portion of these companies have left an unwinding mark of being famous in the patio lovers community. Salterini patio furniture is surely one of them.

Though Salterini’s production ceased to exist in the last century, their famous patio furniture is still going strong today. However, too much copying and unauthentic pieces of furniture have made it harder to identify Salterini patio furniture. Now if you are wondering, then how to identify Salterini-made original patio furniture to this day. In this article, we will cover everything about what is vintage Salterini furniture, ways to identify them properly, tips to buy and maintain them adequately, and many more.

Key Takeaways

  • Salterini patio furniture can be identified by the use of wrought iron, markings, and designs.
  • It was established by Italian-American designer John B. Salterini and was based in New York.
  • The last piece of original Salterini patio furniture was rolled out in 1953.
  • Salterini patio furniture came with production marking for identification.

What is Salterini Patio Furniture?

Salterini is a famous Italian-American patio furniture brand that ruled this arena throughout the middle of the 20th century. They are known for their lucrative yet quality furniture that is considered a ‘piece of art’ today. It was headed by famous furniture designer John Salterini (died 1952). He was a pioneer figure in designing wrought iron-made patio furniture. His heritage of creating patio furniture is still going on strong.

7 Ways to Identify Salterini Patio Furniture

7 ways to identify salterini patio furniture
7 ways to identify salterini patio furniture

If someone says they have a piece or two of Salterini-made patio furniture then it should be at least 70 years old (production closed in 1958). To make their claim legit or if any similar furniture came across you and you want to buy it, identifying them as a real piece is a must. Here are some easy and unique ways to identify a piece of patio furniture as a real Salterini one.

1. “S”-Shaped mark

One of the distinct features that give away Salterini-made furniture is an ‘S’-shaped design on the mark in the armrest edge and backrests. This design feature was uncommon of its time and if not a copy piece then that should be a Salterini patio furniture. It is unknown if the S shape represents the designer’s name, Salterini but they are very charming to see.

2. Distinct wrought iron

Salterini patio furniture is mostly famous for its use of iron as build material. These irons are not usually iron and are made with normal tactics. Look closely at the subjected furniture to identify it as wrought iron furniture. If it is a copy one, then there should be a mold line visible by the edges. It is a cast iron. On the other hand, if the finishing is uneven and no visible trace of mold lines then it is a wrought iron. And wrought iron is one of the primary symbols of Salterini-made patio furniture.

3. Humanly texture

Salterini-made patio furniture is compared to art because of their making process using mostly human touch. The pure wrought iron should give it a dull, coarse, and metallic look. There should be clear indications of using hammers and other such lever to bring the iron in shape. There should be some imperfection on the edges as humans are prone to error. All of these combined shall give it away as Salterini-made patio furniture. Too much perfection should be suspected as a copy piece made using machinery and low-grade iron.

4. Rust marks

Salterini-made patio furniture uses wrought irons to make. Wrought iron is pure iron and should show some rusty marks after being in use for many years. The latest Salterini models were made in the 1950s. So there should be some indication of rusting on them even through the color layers. Believe it or not, rust spots are a good thing if you’re looking for wrought iron furniture.

5. Maker’s mark

If not all but most of the Salterini patio furniture was marked with a production logo. This logo is mostly their brand logo. Look for such marks beneath the sitting cover, the front end of the seat, and right on the center of the chair. For tables, the mark is on one side of the tabletop. Note that, these markings may get worn off due to constant use. Look carefully over the paint layers of every corner of the furniture.

6. Magnet test

The base feature of any Salterini-made furniture depends on the use of wrought irons. If it is satisfactory then you can go for further inspection of that patio furniture. To test the wrought irons’ authenticity, you can simply put it through in magnet test. The use of aluminum or steel will give away that they are clone copies.

7. Price

Patio furniture is relatively high priced due to its use of high-quality material. Salterini patio furniture is even pricy for its similar quality and antique value. They are now sold on e-Bay by collectors and a good-conditioned Salterini patio furniture set will range between $1000 to $4000. So beware of anyone selling such furniture lower than that. It could be legit but check properly before buying.

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History of Salterini Patio Furniture

History of salterini patio furniture
History of salterini patio furniture

Salterini furniture was designed by John B. Salterini, an Italian immigrant who worked in journalism, glass manufacturing, and wrought-iron furniture production in New York. He was a partner at Salterini & Gallo, which produced articles in wrought iron. Later Salterini established his own company in 1934 and modified his previous wrought-iron products to patio furniture.

The basic designs of Salterini include curved limbs, leaves, scallops, and even added strips of metal that look like stems of trees! His business boomed from 1930 to the 1950s. Salterini ceased production in 1954 before dying in 1958. Though it is past 70 years since the last piece of original Salterini-made patio furniture rolled out, the demand for patio furniture lovers has remained the same.

5 Tips for Using Salterini Patio Furniture

If you already possess a set of Salterini patio furniture, then you might want its prolonged durability. For that, you can ensure these methods:

  1. Keep It Dry: As Salterini patio furniture is made of wrought irons, they are prone to rust attack. If your geographical location is humid or it rains a lot, then keep the patio furniture always dry.
  2. Avoid Sun Exposure For Too Long: Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays is as damaging as keeping it wet. Put a cover or umbrella over your patio setup to prevent direct sunlight exposure.
  3. Store Properly When Not Used: If you don’t use your patio setup regularly, then don’t forget to store it properly. It will help the patio furniture to sustain longer.
  4. Keep The Patio Furniture Clean: Keeping the patio furniture clean is the prime condition to increase its durability. Depending on the use, make a routine to clean the furniture at least once or twice a week.
  5. Use Rust Preventing Color Coating: The color coating is very important to save wrought iron-made patio furniture from rust damage. Use a high-graded, UV-reflecting color for better longevity.


1. What is cast iron furniture?

Cast iron furniture is made by melting pig irons and pouring them on a pre-made mold that replicates the exact design. It has been a classic manufacturing method since the Industrial Revolution.

2. How do you verify an antique?

The first condition of anything being antique is if they are made by hands, instead of machines. Also, an antique piece should have a known historical reference in far past time.

3. How can you tell if wrought iron is Woodard?

Woodard is also a popular ancient patio furniture brand. Though their production is still going on you can identify a vintage wrought iron Woodard by inspecting the production marks such as metal-paper labels, embossed branding logo, etc.

Final Thoughts

Salterini patio furniture is a true example of an aesthetic element in a patio setup. They have the legacy of using premium wrought iron for better longevity, and nature-influenced simple yet lucrative designs. Their unique product list quickly grasped people’s eyes. That’s why people still seek Salterini’s patio furniture. But such popularity also made them vulnerable to counterfeit markets and look-alike products. These are nothing but aluminum steel-made products which are nowhere close to actual Salterini furniture in any criteria. That’s why you need to be careful about identifying authentic Salterini patio furniture and using the above-mentioned methods will surely help you.

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