How To Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture?

How to identify vintage woodard patio furniture

Patio furniture is a must, especially in the summer when everyone welcomes the sunny time of the year. They aren’t just ordinary furniture that we use for sitting in the backyard. Over time they have become equally important as our indoor furniture which we fancy the most. More and more people are getting interested in having a well-furnished backyard. Among the brands that are offering patio furniture, one of them has gained the most popularity for their exclusive offering of quality patio furniture, for over a century and counting.

Woodard has been the benchmark for other similar companies for providing world-class patio furniture for some time. Their products are the symbol of class, style, and premiums in every backyard they are currently in place of. Now if you are wondering how to identify Woodard-made vintage patio furniture then you have come into the right place. Read thoroughly to know their history, learn the tricks of identifying vintage Woodard patio furniture, the pros and cons of using them, and many more.

Key Takeaways

  • Woodard is a Michigan-based patio furniture brand that has been in the market for over 150 years.
  • They manufacture wrought iron, fabric, and wicker-made patio furniture.
  • Every Woodard-made piece of furniture contains a production mark to identify it as original.
  • The production labels and quality colors identify Woodard patio furniture as vintage.

What Is Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture?

What is vintage woodard patio furniture
What is vintage woodard patio furniture

Woodard, a Michigan-based patio furniture manufacturer has been in the business since 1866. Unlike other similar companies, Woodard has been known for their beautiful, elegantly styled patio furniture. With great craftsmanship and premium quality retaining intention, they are the most popular patio supplier as of today. The company was initially founded by Nathaniel Woodard, over 150 years ago.

Their primary material for making patio furniture are wrought iron and aluminum. However, they have selective options for furniture with woven materials and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Their longevity has earned their classic furniture’s ‘Vintage’ tag over time.

How to Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture?

For authentic vintage Woodard patio furniture in your backyard, first, it is necessary to identify them properly. Due to their hefty price tag, you will not want to buy look-alikes at such a high price. Here are some of the easiest ways that you can identify vintage Woodard patio furniture:

  • Metal Labels: The company has put metal labels with their name and logo mentioned on them. Every vintage Woodard-made patio furniture has this distinct marking that allows the buyer to ensure that that piece of furniture is made and supplied by Woodard. This metal label comes with a serial number provided by Woodard and you can verify their authenticity from Woodard’s online database, along with other related information easily. It will also provide the year it was built.
  • Paper Labels: In addition to metal labels, Woodard-made vintage patio furniture also comes with a distinct paper label. In most cases. These paper labels come in the form of stickers or sometimes are handwritten. This paper contains the printed name of Woodard and is frequently found under the seat cushion. In case it is handwritten, it provides a symbol of old-fashioned craftsmanship.
  • Embossed Branding: One last production marking that Woodard Furniture contains is the infamous embossed branding logo. Embossed branding markings are rare in the furniture arena but it often provides the legitimacy of the brand. In Woodard’s case, you will find an embossed logo sealed beneath the cushion area. Though due to the additional layers of color coating, one may find it difficult to identify the marking at first glance. But this embossed marking is designed to be there for a long time, even if it is rarely visible to human eyes.
  • Quality: Apart from the visible markings, the quality of Woodard’s furniture speaks for itself about its identity. Woodard’s patio furniture is easily distinguished from other patio furniture manufacturers. Materials such as wrought iron, aluminum, and wicker of the best quality in their class are used to make Woodard’s furniture. Along with that, fine craftsmanship, trendy style, elegance, and high-tech manufacturing techniques make Woodard’s furniture lucrative and noticeable among other brands.
  • Exclusive Designs: Woodard has a legacy of designing and manufacturing impressively designed patio furniture for over 150+ years. Their design has evolved over time matching with the then era. This design reflects the immediate characteristics of their era to identify themselves distinctively. They have thousands of finely made vintage collections of patio furniture. By paying attention to the design, material, quality, and classic edges thoroughly to identify a vintage Woodard out of everything else.

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Benefits of Using Woodard Patio Furniture

Benefits of using woodard patio furniture
Benefits of using Woodard patio furniture

Use vintage Woodard patio furniture for decorating your backyard with the possible best option available in the market. They have the experience, commitment, and craftsmanship to provide you with finely made, impressively designed, and built patio furniture. Some of the positive sides of using patio furniture are:

  1. Keeping A Heritage Alive: Vintage Woodard patio furniture’s part of history. Over time their designs have evolved but having any of Woodard furniture’s gives you an impression of luxury, premium-ness, and inheriting heritage. Woodard manufacturing facility is based in Michigan and many workers are linked to this profession for generations.
  2. Quality Products: Quality product is an integral part of Woodard’s sustaining commitment. Every piece of patio furniture is made of high-quality wrought iron, aluminum, fabric, and wicker that allows their user to be tensed regarding the product’s durability. As patio furniture is for outdoor use, it is important to have such well-resourced and built furniture to sustain different climate challenges.
  3. Product Variation: When you are looking for the best patio furniture, it is important to have enough options to choose from. Woodard has a vast collection of patio furniture for decorating your backyard and having the comfort of using them at the same time. Their collection varies from tables, fire tables, chairs, sofa sets, and even umbrella stands for your complete package of backyard seating.

A Few Negative Sides

Even after all the positive sides of Woodard patio furniture, there remain a few disadvantages of them. These cons are mostly pre-purchase phased and don’t concern the user if they have already obtained one.

  1. Not Directly Purchasable: Though Woodard manufactures every product solely in the USA, they don’t offer direct online or outlet purchase options. Rather they have authorized dealers who do the work for them. Some buyers may find it difficult to find the correct dealer and some may lead to be scammed after buying from false dealers.
  2. Too Many Options: It is good to have plenty of options for the users to choose from. Although sometimes it may become confusing for the customers to select from the vast options. Also, they can be influenced to buy something they don’t need due to the frequent launch of newer options.
  3. High Price: Good things are known for their higher price. Woodard is no exception. Patio furniture made by Woodard has a hefty price tag compared to other similar brands and products. For example, one dining chair can cost as much as $1200 with other types following the same price pattern. So you better be ready before going to buy one.

5 Tips for Buying Woodard Patio Furniture

Tips for buying woodard patio furniture
Tips for buying woodard patio furniture

The infamous culture of making high-class, lucrative-looking, and fine-built products referees Woodard’s name for buying patio furniture at any given time. Here are some of the tips you may find useful while buying patio furniture from Woodard:

  1. Order From Authentic Dealers: Don’t fall for cheap products from unauthorized retailers. You will find all the authorized dealers’ addresses and contact info on Woodard’s official website. Buy from one of these to avoid getting scammed.
  2. Check The Production Signs: As mentioned earlier, Woodard’s vintage patio collections have more than one production sign that ensures their authenticity. Make sure you have eyes to check them while buying.
  3. Verify The Identity: You will find the manufacturing batch or product serial number somewhere in the furniture’s body or from the retailer’s invoice. Make sure to check it from Woodard’s online database before buying. You can call their hotline number 800.877.2290 or for such queries.
  4. Match With Terrain: It is important to choose the right design for your backyard terrain to match. Have some lookovers between options, and take some opinions from the experts or living companions to select the best-looking furniture, for your backyard to decor.
  5. Know The Conditions: As a long-sustained brand, Woodard has some warranty and guarantee conditions against their sold products. These policies will be helpful in case your furniture gets damaged or you need to repair and replace it for some reason.


1. What is the difference between wrought iron and cast iron?

The base difference between these two is in their processing methods. Wrought iron is made from heat, then worked with tools-type iron. Whereas, iron that has been melted and poured into mold is called cast iron.

2. Is my vintage Woodard chair made of wrought iron?

The best way to identify your vintage Woodard chair is to look closely at the finishing lines. If they are not plain on the edge, means the iron was heated and hammered while making the chair. It is a sign of wrought iron.

3. When Woodard patio furniture is called vintage?

Depending on the buying time and usage label, Woodard patio furniture can be considered vintage if it is at least 40 years old.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Patio furniture is no longer less important than your in-house ones. In parallel to your indoor, it is needed for your outdoor or backyard to look similarly beautiful and comforting. For decorating your backyard to your desired look, you will not find many brands that match the legacy of Woodard. Their history of diverse product variation, quality materials, and brand value referees them as the front runner in this sector. But before buying one highly valuable piece of art, you should always be careful and vigilant while buying them. By following a couple of identity symbol that comes along with the furniture, your quality thriving eyes will do the trick of identifying Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture.

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