Patio Table Replacement Tile With Umbrella Hole

Patio table replacement tile with umbrella hole

Patio tables are for enjoying a summer day in your backyard. Along with other patio furniture, it sets an outside seating arrangement and allows you to enjoy the comfort of a complete patio setup. But it is not the time that you will like direct sunlight falling over your face while you are relaxing half-slitted. Unless you are sitting under a Ramada, the most convenient way to set a shed over a patio table is an umbrella. These patio umbrellas are large in size and their most common setting place is the center of the patio table to cover surrounding areas equally.

Here comes a little twist. You may have seen outdoor patio tables equipped with an umbrella hole on them. Depending on the construction material of the patio table, the nature of the holes is also variable. In this article, we will dig deep into everything you may want to know about patio table replacement tile with an umbrella hole. Along with that, types of these tiles, how can you create them on your patio table, and if there are any other alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Some patio table designs consist of tile made of mine stones, wood, steel, plastics, etc.
  • An umbrella hole in the center of a patio table is common for placing umbrellas through it.
  • Using a general hard-surfaced tile requires larger preparation and efforts to replace.
  • You can replace a replacement tile with an umbrella hole by yourself.

Patio Table Replacement Tile With Umbrella Hole

Patio table replacement tile with umbrella hole.
Patio table replacement tile with umbrella hole.

Let’s start with some basic information about patio table replacement tile with an umbrella hole.

  • Patio Table: Any table that is part of your seating arrangement can be considered a patio table. They are usually surrounded by other patio furniture such as chairs and sofas. A patio table works as a centerpiece of any patio setup. It has a wide use of serving foods and keeping stuff. Depending on the user’s preference, it can be made with wood, cement, steel, wicker, etc.
  • Replacement Tile With Umbrella Hole: This is the interesting part. An umbrella hole is a part of setting up an umbrella over the patio table. The central umbrella pole goes through this hole into the base pivot for steady standing. The term ‘replacement tile’ will only be applicable if the surface of the table is decorated with tiles. These tiles are replaceable, meaning if they are damaged for a reason, you can replace them with a new one. These replacement tiles are either buyable from any tile supplier or can be drilled to create a hole in-house.

Best Patio Table Replacement Tile

Best patio table replacement tile
Best patio table replacement tile

If the patio table is made of using bricks, and cement then placing tiles is common for a better user experience and lucrative appearance. Some DYI try have shown placing tiles on their wooden patio tables. But in both cases, tiles were attached using cement only for best hold. Below are some of the best patio table replacement tiles, with features like umbrella holes, stain-temperature resisting, and many more:

Soapstone tile

Known for its smooth, silky texture, soapstone is a natural stone that is quite resistant to water and staining. They are suitable for all-weather use, but have a stunning characteristic of heat resistance, making them useful in very hot climates. They also perform well in wet pool areas and freezing conditions. All of these features have made these tiles very demanding. As a result, they are very hard to find. You may need to order from special retailers or online sources.

Ceramic tile

Traditional ceramic floor tiles can be an acceptable choice for use on patio tables. They are made from clay fired at extreme temperatures and finished for a glazing look. Though ceramic tiles are for comparably light use, they have retained sufficient strength capability in tests to use themselves as patio table replacement tile. You may just need to add the necessary support components to keep it safe from umbrella pool rubbing.

Tempered mosaic tile

Mosaics on tempered glass can be a decent option for use as patio table tile. They are durable, and stain-resistant. They are known for their versatile application in various sectors. Tempered glass mosaic tile is easier to clean and reacts positively in a wet environment. Their colorful designs, along with a variety of shapes have made them trendy in decorating every corner of the house. This has also touched your patio tables too.

Slate tile

Slate is one of the better choices for natural stone in outdoor patio locations. Their raw materials are formed under immense heat and pressure. That’s why slates are a common choice for making hard and durable patio tiles. Slates are known for making high-end patios in any climate. They have a special capability of resisting water. Their other benefit includes being not slippery in natural texture. Apart from their natural grayish color, they also come in other colors such as green, yellow, red, etc.

Limestone tile

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made of mostly carbon-based remnants of marine life compressed over millions of years. Using limestone as a construction material has been going on since the start of civilization. Limestone tiles are a great option for use on patio tables, thanks to their durability, and natural finishing. Another great advantage of Limestone tile is its ability to reflect heat and consistency in a warm-dry environment.

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Replacing A Patio Table Tile With Umbrella Hole

Replacing a patio table tile with umbrella hole
Replacing a patio table tile with umbrella hole

If your patio table replacement tile with an umbrella gets damaged and needs to be changed for a reason, you can do it by yourself. It will take some special components and skills to do so. Gather these materials:

  • A replacement tile with a hole
  • Tile adhesive
  • Grout
  • Grout remover
  • Combi drill with tips
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Grout spreader
  • Bucket of water and sponge

Removing The Old Tile:

  • Step 1: Clean the tile and its surroundings with water.
  • Step 2: Carefully remove the grouts around the subjected tile using the grout remover.
  • Step 3: Use your chisel underneath the tile to carefully remove it inch by inch. Do it very slowly if you want to retrieve the tile in one piece. If it seems not possible then do it in hard way.
  • Step 4: After removing the tile parts completely, remove the tile adhesives too to maintain an even surface with other tiles nearby.

Placing The New Tile:

  • Step 1: Make sure that you have the right measured tile for placing with the hole matching the table’s hole.
  • Step 2: Pour water on the recently cleaned tile. It will help to better hold after placing the tile.
  • Step 3: Put tile adhesive as per requirement. Spread them in proportion to tile size.
  • Step 4: Take the tile and put adhesive on the opposite side of the tile. Spread it a bit.
  • Step 5: Place the tile in place very carefully. Mind keeping the hole adhesive-free. Push back and forth to adjust the placement correctly. Make sure the height is parallel to the other tiles.
  • Step 6: Clean any adhesive left out instantly using a cloth. Leave it for drying.
  • Step 7: Place grout using a Chisel evenly. 


1. Can a patio table top be replaced?

Yes, why not? If the table top is made of single-piece material, then simply reorder the piece or pieces as per table measurement. Fit out yourself if the process is simple or you can take an expert’s help anytime.

2. Why are patio tables so expensive?

Patio tables are for outdoor use. Meaning it is built in a way to sustain harsh weather conditions and rough use. The materials used to build a patio table also imply the same cause and often are expensive.

3. What is the most cost-effective patio material?

The most cost-effective patio materials are Gravel followed by wood and paver stones. Stones that are found by mining are relatively costly due to their high demand.

Final Thoughts

A patio table replacement tile with an umbrella hole is a quick and ideal feature to place a patio umbrella. From there it can cover surroundings with great equality. This hall can be installed on any kind of patio table, except the non-tempered glass one. At the same time, the use of tile on patio tables has also popularized itself over time. These tiles cover the table’s surface with great beneficial details. A tile with a hole on it covers the umbrella hole spot with great precision. If the tile and the table are made of brick, cement, or concrete then replacing the tile will take a bit of effort. But if it is made of wood, plastic, or glass then you can replace them straight away.

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