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Pergola is kind of a ‘must have’ facility in your backyard if you are looking for routine outdoor fun moments but within your house’s comfort. There is a lot of pergola-making company offering great products. But one thing that stands apart due to their technological visions is StruXure.

StruXure is a company that specializes in louvered pergolas that aim to blend style and functionality with cutting-edge technology. Their pergolas are designed to adapt to your surroundings while allowing you maximum control. Homeowners can open and close their pergola’s pivoting roof in seconds manually, or by using an app on their phone. For a bit more money, homeowners can take the “smart” experience even further.

As for reviews, StruXure pergolas are one of the loudest voices in the marketplace for a more luxurious pergola experience. StruXure products have been gaining buzz and traction in the marketplace for the last decade. In this article, we will go deep into analyzing the success story behind StruXure Pergolas. So, read till the end to know StruXure’s story of delivering the very best pergola in your backyard.

StruXure Pergola: Their Story

StruXure Pergola: Their Story

StruXure Pergola, or simply StruXure, is a company that specializes in louvered-style pergolas. They aim to blend style and functionality with cutting-edge technology. Based in Dahlonega, Georgia, they have pioneered introducing state-of-the-art technology features in pergolas, making them even more comforting.

It all started with Scott Selzer, then a teacher by profession who mastered deck and patio making while in the summer break remodeling business. Eventually, he managed to make a pergola for his client that is configured to provide both shade and sunlight by transiting its roof style mechanically. His unique invention quickly caught people’s attention, and soon demand went skyrocketing. Scott, who happened to be StruXure’s founder and product designer now, sensing his discoveries for the future, embarked on a full-fledged company afterward.

Since then, it’s been a success story. The company opened a manufacturing plant in Atlanta in 2016. By linking technology with tradition, StruXure has managed to establish itself as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

StruXure Pergola: Product Overview

To start with, let’s begin reviewing the products of StruXure. It has mainly two categories of pergolas and a similar structure product with several sub-models. The models are:

Pergola X

Pergola X

Pergola X is the most popular StruXure pergola product. It is the first pergola on the market that features a tilting louvered pivot slat mechanism. Pergola X combines the improved design of a traditional pergola with beauty and functionality. Instead of wooden slates, it features lighter but sturdier aluminum patented pivot slates. It has four models:

  • Pivot 6: Frontline Basic Version of the Pergola X Series It features 170° rotatable pivot slates that provide impeccable shade and shine on a personal level. The slate angles can be controlled via your smartphone. A 360-degree gutter system ensures proper rainwater drainage with ease.
  • Pivot 6 XL: It is the larger and more commercial version of the basic Pivot 6 model. The XL version features a broader structure with similar integrity. This model is popular for restaurant business as it allows to house a lot of people and infrastructure within. It has 2×10 frames instead of Pivot 6’s 2×8 frames.
  • Pivot 6 Slide: You might have already guessed its basic features from its name. Yes, Pivot 6 Slide has a sliding mechanism that allows its user to have a wide open-sky view along with the usual tilting mechanism. This feature has taken the definition of pergola luxury to a whole new level.
  • Pan 6: You might not need to have an automatic sliding option in all parts of your pergola. Pan 6 features a solid fixed ceiling option that balances your roaming between wide open, louvers, and closed spaces. It is suitable for larger projects that have multiple zones.

Cabana X

Cabana X

Technically, a cabana is different from a pergola in terms of structural differences. It is more suited to beaches or poolside. StruXure has two models of Cabana named.

  • Core: Cabana X Core is the primary cabana offered by StruXure. It consists of 4 posts, 4 beams, and 17 louvers with post height adjustment capability. They have additional side louvers and back-side panels that can be used for housing TVs. This model has similar motorized louvers controlled by wireless controllers.
  • Core+: It has the same core design features as a ‘Core’ model but has additional technological decorative arrangements. It includes controlled LED lights with color-changing capabilities, allowing you to create different moods and atmospheres. The lights can be easily managed using a simple remote control.

StruXure Pergola: Technology Involved

The best part about StruXure Pergola is their inception of technology which previously we only can dream about. Without these technological additions, there is not much of a difference between a StruXure-made pergola and an ordinary one.

  1. Louvered Roofing: When talking about the technological addition of StruXure Pergolas, the automated louvered roofing panels comes always first. StruXure was the first company to design, build, and supply such unique pergolas for mass users. They allow you to enjoy the weather and protection from it simultaneously.
  2. Smart Controlling: Even if the mechanized louvered panels don’t astonish you, their smart controlling platform named ‘Somfy’ will for sure. It is an ‘all-in-one’ app developed especially for controlling all the possible perimeters of your StruXure-made pergola or cabana from your smart device. This app works as a dedicated computer system to control your pergola and can be further integrated into most home automation systems. Thus, you can control it by voice command too.
  3. Sensors: Not just personal will-controlled systems, but StruXure-made pergola models come with additional sensor features that allow for the detection and measurement of rain and wind-like elements to run the pergola by itself. Programmable with the Somfy app, they can close the vents automatically when it starts raining. Also, this sensor helps the pergola sustain itself against heavy winds by opening the vents for pressure balancing.
  4. Smart Lighting: Lighting the pergola was never uncommon, but what StruXure did was make the user experience smarter. StruXure-made pergolas and cabanas have smart lighting systems installed, and you can change the colors and intensity and program them as well.

TraX™ System: Makes Pergola Even Smarter

TraX™ System: Makes Pergola Even Smarter

If you think that we have covered all of the technological perimeters that set StruXure apart from other brands, you are a little wrong. StruXure has another revolutionary smart controlling system named TraX™ System. It is a fully customizable addition to any StruXure product that allows screens and lights to be seamlessly integrated into your pergola.

In addition to the basic motorized roofing mechanism, the TraX™ System comes with motorized curtain screens, a unique wire management system, and a track for side walls.

This system comes standard in the latest pergola models and also as a kit for your desire to make your pergola smart. The hood allows for the installation of any Somfy-compatible motorized screen. Now you can adjust both your louvers and your screens for maximum comfort and protection.

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Why Should Choose StruXure Pergola Over Others?

If you ask me why I should choose StruXure Pergola over others, then there is more than one reason that comes in your favor.

Why Should Choose StruXure Pergola Over Others?

1. Your Desired Size

Most of the pergola supply companies come with one-size-fits-all models. They are categorized by distinct size, color, features, etc. This way, you have to purchase selectively sized and featured pergolas for your backyard. While they ease logistical nightmares, they eliminate your desire to have a custom-sized pergola that perfectly meets your backyard needs. StruXure has been prioritizing individual, need-based pergolas for its customers. You can share the required information with the dealer to get the best possible design and size of the pergola.

2. Quality Matters

While pergolas made mostly of wood, vinyl, etc. have always been the norm, StruXure thought differently and represented their pergola as a more durable solution. People often fall for cheaper products during stock clearance sales and end up regretting it because their products aren’t made with quality materials. Whereas, each of the StruXure products is made of stainless steel with a premium powder coat finish. Pivot slats are made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum. Altogether, they surely create a quality bond to give you the ultimate comfort through durability.

3. Low Maintenance

An ordinary pergola needs constant wood sealing; screen fabric gets sun-damaged quickly, which needs to be repaired and replaced right away. Whereas, you don’t have to worry about using StruXure’s stainless steel and aluminum-made pergolas. Even the curtains are Sunbrella-branded, which lasts longer than others. It’s surprising how many hidden future costs come with a hard-to-maintain pergola, and these costs must be factored in.

4. Customization Availability

Customization is the key to making your backyard pergola activity more convenient and comfortable. Most of the pergolas on the market come with a bare design, which doesn’t allow for any kind of customization. But StruXure has designed its products intending to add customization, such as adding additional back-side integrated walls, upgrading kits, compact seating arrangements, digital entertainment setting arrangements, etc.

A Few Allegation

It is not uncommon for brands to have a bad review or allegation against them. StruXure makes no such difference. We have compiled some of the major allegations against StruXure below:

  • Hefty Price: Pricing has been the most common negative review criteria against StruXure. Many users or potential buyers have stated that StruXure is pricing their pergolas excessively. They have also stated that similar full-scale products and customization kits are available in a comparably smaller amount. Many have alleged that StruXure is pricing their products just based on their louvered design features, which is unfair.
  • Design Flaw: Another major allegation against StruXure is that they lack design integrity to fight heavy winds. Though their products have smart technology, such as opening roof vents automatically after sensing wind speeds exceeding 60 mph, it can create heavy vibration and sound in the process. To describe the level one user mentioned, he has to ‘yell’ to others for talking when the pergola is functioning under heavy wind.
  • Different Distributor Experience: StruXure has a robust dealership network around the states. However, not all dealers are equal in terms of after-sale services. Many users have alleged that problems regarding their StruXure pergola weren’t resolved or took a long time to resolve. It is mostly because of the lack of response from the concerned dealer.

Note: All the allegations might not be mass user issues. We don’t influence people to judge StruXure negatively based on individual bad reviews.

StruXure Pergola: Future In The Making

StruXure is one such brand that always thrives to provide its users with the best possible modern products. Their desire got a solid boost when it was announced that The AZEK Company, Inc. had acquired StruXure on January 4, 2022. AZEK has been one of the leading names in inventing and supplying world-class outdoor living products for sustainable solutions.

Upon acquiring StruXure, they have positively showcased their commitment to further push the former’s intention to be the very best in terms of technology and customer satisfaction. AZEK, along with its child companies, have come together with a level of support that can accelerate StruXure R&D efforts and its steadfast mission to bring the indoors out.

Final Thoughts

Pergola has been around us for a long time, as researchers have presumed their tracing back to 1400 BC. But it’s not before Crist anymore, and people always look for better comfort and user experience. To satisfy their demand, there is no other way than to integrate technology into it. StruXure had focused solely on how to make things easier and more comforting through technology. Thus, they came up with designs such as sliding pivot slats, which were never even tried before. Along with that, easy control using just fingers, sensors that can control the setting even without the user’s command, and quality material have taken StruXure to a place where they seem pretty much standing out of the crowd. I believe their success in delivering better products will continue in the coming days as well.

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