What do you wear to a hot tub party?


Hot tub parties are a fantastic way to relax, socialize, and enjoy some leisure time with friends and family. However, picking the right outfit is crucial not just for your comfort but also for adhering to the social etiquette of such gatherings. But do you know what to wear to a hot tub party?

For a hot tub party, opt for comfortable, well-fitting swimwear like a bikini, tankini, or one-piece suit for women, and swim trunks for men. Consider a robe or wrap for lounging and flip-flops or water shoes for safety. Don’t forget a towel, and if it’s sunny, bring sunglasses and a hat. Avoid street clothes, underwear as swimwear, and excessive jewelry to ensure comfort and maintain hygiene.

Understanding the Hot Tub Party Scene

Understanding the Hot Tub Party Scene

Hot tub parties are more than just a gathering; they’re an experience. Typically set in a relaxed, often outdoor environment, these parties are perfect for unwinding and making memories. But before you dive into the bubbly bliss, it’s essential to understand what these parties are all about.

What is a Hot Tub Party?
A hot tub party is a social event where guests relax in a hot tub while enjoying each other’s company. These can range from intimate gatherings to larger, more festive occasions.

Common Settings and Occasions

  • Private Home Parties: Often held in someone’s backyard or patio.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Special occasions like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.
  • Spa Days: More health-focused events at a spa or wellness center.

Social Etiquette of Hot Tub Gatherings

  • Hygiene is Key: Always shower before entering the tub.
  • Respect Privacy: It’s a shared space, so be mindful of others’ comfort.
  • Drink Responsibly: If alcohol is involved, keep it moderate.

Preparing for Your Hot Tub Party

Before you even think about what to slip into for that fun hot tub party, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. After all, showing up in the perfect outfit starts with a little bit of planning. Here’s how to set yourself up for a splashingly good time!

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Outfit

  • Location, Location, Location: Is the party at a friend’s house, a fancy spa, or a beachside resort? The venue sets the tone for your attire.
  • Time of Day Matters: Evening parties might call for something a bit more glamorous, while daytime gatherings are all about staying cool and comfy.
  • Party Theme, Anyone?: If there’s a theme, you’ll want to dress to impress and stick to it. Hawaiian luau, anyone?

Pro Tip: Always do a “sit test” in your swimwear before the party. If it feels good sitting down, it’ll likely feel good in the hot tub.

What to Wear: Women’s Guide

What to Wear Women’s Guide

Ladies, it’s time to talk fashion and functionality for your next hot tub adventure. Whether you’re aiming for a laid-back vibe or looking to make a splash with your style, here’s how to pick the perfect ensemble.

Stylish Yet Comfortable Swimwear

Bikinis, Tankinis, and One-Piece Suits

  • Bikinis: Great for sunbathing and showing off your style. Mix and match tops and bottoms for a personalized look.
  • Tankinis: Offer a bit more coverage while still keeping it chic. Perfect for those who want the best of both worlds.
  • One-Piece Suits: Sleek, comfortable, and often more supportive. Ideal for moving around and enjoying the party without a care.

Choosing the Right Color and Pattern

  • Complement Your Skin Tone: Pastels for lighter skin, bold colors for darker tones.
  • Patterns That Pop: Florals for a feminine touch, geometric for a modern twist. Just remember, the pattern should make you feel fabulous!

Cover-Ups and Accessories

Robes, Sarongs, and Wraps

  • Robes: A fluffy robe for pre and post-dip lounging is not just cozy; it’s a statement.
  • Sarongs and Wraps: They’re versatile, stylish, and can be tied in a multitude of ways. Perfect for a quick transition from chatting poolside to dipping in the tub.

Sunglasses, Hats, and Waterproof Jewelry

  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and add a touch of mystery to your look.
  • Hats: A wide-brimmed hat keeps the sun at bay and adds an elegant flair.
  • Waterproof Jewelry: A little bling never hurts anyone, but make sure it’s waterproof!

Remember: While it’s great to look good, your ultimate goal is to feel comfortable and enjoy the party. So, choose attire that reflects your style and lets you move freely.

What to Wear: Men’s Guide

What to Wear Men’s Guide

Gentlemen, it’s your turn to gear up for the hot tub party. No need to overthink it, but a little effort can go a long way in making sure you’re both comfortable and stylish. Here’s your straightforward guide to looking cool in the hot tub.

Choosing the Right Swim Trunks

Length, Material, and Patterns

  • Length: Aim for trunks that hit about mid-thigh. Too long, and you’ll look like you’re wearing board shorts; too short, and you might feel overexposed.
  • Material: Quick-dry fabrics are a must. You don’t want to be the guy dripping all over the snack table.
  • Patterns: Solid colors are classic, but don’t shy away from a fun print. Just remember, the pattern should match your personality.

Additional Considerations

A few additional considerations are:

Rash Guards for Protection

  • Why Wear One?: If you plan on spending a lot of time in the tub, a rash guard can protect your skin from prolonged exposure to heat and water.
  • Style Tip: Choose a rash guard that complements your trunks for a coordinated look.

Hats and Sunglasses for Style and Safety

  • Hats: A baseball cap or a sun hat can shield your face from the sun and keep your hair somewhat under control.
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and add an effortlessly cool vibe to your look.

Final Thoughts: The key to a great hot tub party outfit for men is simplicity with a touch of personal style. Comfort should be your top priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also look good. So, pick something that makes you feel confident and ready to enjoy the party.

Footwear Considerations

Footwear Considerations

When it comes to hot tub parties, you might think footwear is an afterthought. But the right choice can make a difference in your comfort and safety. Here’s the lowdown on what to slip on your feet.

Appropriate Footwear for Safety and Comfort

  • Flip-flops: They’re the quintessential poolside footwear. Easy to slip on and off, they’re perfect for navigating between the hot tub, the deck, and indoors.
  • Water Shoes: If you’re looking for something that offers more grip and protection, especially on slippery surfaces, water shoes are a solid choice.

Flip-flops vs. Water Shoes

  • Flip-flops are all about convenience. They’re perfect for a laid-back vibe and when you’re moving between different areas of the party. Just be careful on wet surfaces, as they can be slippery.
  • Water Shoes provide more coverage and better traction. If you’re attending a hot tub party in a natural setting or somewhere with rocky or uneven ground, they can offer better protection and prevent slips.

Pro Tip: No matter what you choose, make sure your footwear is clean. Bringing dirt and debris into the hot tub area is a no-go.

Remember: While you might spend most of your time barefoot in the tub, having the right footwear for before and after can enhance your overall experience. Comfort, safety, and a bit of style – that’s the trifecta for perfect hot tub party footwear!

What Not to Wear

While we’ve covered the dos of hot tub party attire, it’s just as important to know the don’ts. Avoiding certain items can save you from discomfort and faux pas. Let’s dive into the fashion no-goes for your next dip.

Items to Avoid Bringing or Wearing to a Hot Tub Party

  • Street Clothes: Jeans, dresses, or regular shirts have no place in a hot tub. They can introduce dirt and detergents to the water and are just plain uncomfortable when wet.
  • Underwear as Swimwear: It’s not designed for swimming and doesn’t provide the same protection or hygiene as proper swimwear.
  • Excessive Jewelry: Not only can it get damaged, but it can also scratch the hot tub or get lost.

Understanding the Reasons Behind These Etiquette and Safety Guidelines

  • Hygiene: Non-swimwear can carry everyday dirt and bacteria, which don’t belong in your hot tub’s water.
  • Comfort: Wet street clothes are heavy and can drag you down, making your hot tub experience anything but relaxing.
  • Safety: Loose jewelry or accessories can get caught in hot tub filters or drains, posing a safety risk.

Pro Tip: When in doubt, less is more. Stick to simple, appropriate swimwear and a couple of handy accessories like a hat or sunglasses.

Remember: The goal is to enjoy the hot tub party without any worries. By avoiding these items, you’re ensuring a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable time for yourself and others.

Accessorizing Your Hot Tub Look

Accessorizing for a hot tub party isn’t just about looking good; it’s about enhancing your comfort and enjoyment while soaking. Here’s how to choose accessories that are both practical and stylish.

  • Waterproof Watches: Keep track of time without worrying about water damage. Plus, a chic watch can be a great conversation starter!
  • Floating Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the glare of the water while ensuring your shades won’t sink if they slip off.
  • Waterproof Phone Cases: Want to snap some pics or keep your phone nearby? A waterproof case is a must.

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe and Dry

  • Dry Bags: Perfect for storing your clothes, towels, and electronics. They’re portable and come in various sizes.
  • Lockers or Safe Areas: If the venue provides them, use lockers or designated safe areas to store your valuables.

Pro Tip: Choose accessories that serve a purpose and complement your swimwear. The right hat can shield you from the sun, while a stylish pair of water shoes can keep your feet safe.

Remember: While it’s fun to accessorize, keep it simple and functional. You’re there to relax and enjoy the company, not to worry about managing a bunch of accessories.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, when you’re heading to a hot tub party, the key is to keep it simple, comfy, and appropriate. Whether you’re rocking a chic bikini, a sleek one-piece, or some cool swim trunks, what matters most is that you feel great in what you’re wearing.

Toss in some flip-flops, a fluffy robe for those chill moments, and maybe a funky hat to shield from the sun, and you’re all set. Just remember, it’s all about enjoying the soak and the company, so wear what makes you happy and dive into the fun!

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