What Is A Scum Absorber?

What is a scum absorber

Soaking in the hot water tub gives you an extremely relaxed experience. In the meantime, it requires some effort to keep the hot tub set up clean to enjoy a body cleaning and refreshing bath. Keeping the water and tub sink from scum is surely one of them. A hot tub has an ideal place to grow scum because it is hot, humid, and moist. These scum can be a headache when they grow in number because they are nothing but a formation of bacteria, human skin, and other wastes.

To keep this scum out of your daily to daily bathe sight, a scum absorber’s usefulness is second to none. They are always ready for use and don’t need any special maintenance at all. Now if you are wondering what is a scum absorber, then you have clicked into the right place. Read thoroughly to know all about scum absorbers; their definition, how they work, types of scum absorbers, benefits of using scum absorbers, if they are reusable, and many more.

Key Takeaways

  • A scum absorber is a foamy sponge that soaks floating oil, body wastes, and bacteria buildups.
  • Using a scum absorber is easy, unpack, put on water, and let it do work itself.
  • A scum absorber can soak up to 40x of their body weight.
  • You can reuse a scum absorber several times after washing.

What Is A Scum Absorber?

What is a scum absorber
What is a scum absorber

Simply put, a scum absorber is a type of specially fabricated utensil that allows your hot tub to be cleaned from scum, body, and care product oil, soap residue, etc. This special fabrication is basically a sponge with the capability to soak floating oil, specks of dust, debris, bacteria formations, and any other small objects, in parallel to the tub’s water line. Scum absorbers are a popular choice for hot tub users to keep their hot tub clean from such floating debris without facing any hiccups.

Scum absorbers are mostly made of petrochemical-derived products such as polyester, polyethylene, etc.

How Does Water Absorber Work?

How does water absorber work
How does water absorber work

You may have used or seen sponge bars in the kitchen, that remove the food stain from dishes. In genuine, they can hold water into their foam cells and soak wastages from the dish surfaces. A scum absorber works in exactly the same formula.

The scum absorber absorbs oils as it floats in your hot tub or pool. When placed in a hot tub, it eliminates the formation of scum lines and improves water clarity. The scum absorber is capable of absorbing up to 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions.

Thanks to their special spongy build foams, scum absorbers attract and absorb all the oily and similar residue substance that floats around them. Though they soak lots of water and scum in the process, astonishingly they still float. Using water absorbers is super easy. Just buy, unpack, and put on the pool and hot tubs.

Different Types of Scum Absorbers

Different types of scum absorbers
Different types of scum absorbers

The term ‘Scum Absorber’ actually represents a range of products that have been built differently but serve a single cause, to keep the hot tub water clean. Some of the scum absorber types are mentioned below:

  1. Scum Absorbing Balls: These are ball-shaped scum absorbers that float on the water surfaces to collect oil and other waste residues. They are made of sponge-like foams that can easily catch such substances out of water. They come in different colors and shapes i.e. ducts, and birds which give them a secondary role of entertaining the children in the bathing process.
  2. Scum Absorbing Pads: Similar to scum absorbing balls, they serve the same purpose of cleaning oil, soaking residue, and other wastes from the water surface. As their name suggests, they come in round or square-shaped pads and generally cover a wider area in the tub or pool. They can be plain white or imitating animals, such as Starfish.
  3. Scum Bags: These are mesh bags or nets that can be placed in the hot tub. They catch and collect scum and debris, preventing it from entering the filtration system. Scum bags and nets need to be emptied and cleaned regularly.

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Can I Reuse A Scum Absorber?

Can I reuse a scum absorber
Can I reuse a scum absorber

Scum absorbers that are made using sponge-like foams are reusable for a long period. Their long-sustaining build materials allow them for repeated use. As mentioned earlier, the scum absorber soaks not only scum but also water in the process. Based on the level of soaked scums you can rewash and reuse them every week of the month. Their washing process includes:

  1. Take them out of the water.
  2. Soak into detergent or sanitizer chemicals for a certain time.
  3. Squeeze gently to extract all the possible scum and wastes.
  4. Rinse with fresh water to clear out the scum.
  5. Repeat these wash, squeeze, and rinsing processes 2/3 times for better cleaning.
  6. Keep it by the window for air drying and they are ready for duty again.

Remember, not all scum absorbers are made equally. Some may last over years and some can be worn off after a couple of months of use. Make sure to analyze if your reused scum absorber is soaking scum after a certain time. If the result is not satisfactory then don’t hesitate to replace it with a new one. A non-functioning scum absorber is similar to a tub with no scum absorber.

4 Benefits of Using Scum Absorber

There are several benefits of using scum absorbers in pools and hot tubs. Their work process, user experience, and work efficiency make them a premium tool to keep the pool, and hot tubs water clean. Some of the benefits of using scum absorbers are mentioned below:

  • Keep Water Clean and Clear: The obvious benefit of using a scum absorber is it keeps the water clean and clear. Scum in the water doesn’t only make the water contaminated but also cloudy, foamy, and unattractive for take a bathe. Using a scum absorber causes continuous absorbent of as much scum as possible and odor free. Results in clean and clear water to soak in.
  • Reusable and Cost-Effective: Almost all of the scum absorbers available in the market, are made in a way that they are reusable. That means after every certain time of use, you can reprocess them for reuse. It takes a little or no effort to wash them and their reuse assures the user of a cost-effective scum-removing solution.
  • Easy to Use: One of the reasons scum absorbers are popular is their easy using process. You simply buy them, unpack them, and leave them over the pool’s water surface. The scum absorbers will instantly put on their work and they will keep doing it without any terms and conditions. You just have to relocate them as per your need and process them after a certain time for reuse. It is really that simple!
  • Long-Lasting: Apart from their low maintenance, and reuse option, scum absorbers’ longevity will amaze you too. Based on their build quality and pattern they can last from 2/3 months to over a year.

Alternatives For Scum Absorbers

There are some alternatives for commercially made scum absorbers. This alternative can make an impact to clean scum but the efficiency may not meet your expectations:

  • Tennis Balls: You will be surprised to know that tennis balls are great use for scum absorbing. Their natural hairy construction allows them to absorb the scum and oils floating alongside.
  • Oil Absorbing Sponge: Oil-absorbing sponges are similar in nature to scum absorbers. These sponges are made to attract and absorb oils and scum from the water. Place the sponge on the water surface and remove it when saturated.
  • Microfiber Cloth: Microfiber cloths are also handy for absorbing scum and oil from water. It is one of the few homemade alternatives for a scum absorber. Cut a microfiber cloth into rectangular or round shapes, then using a floating method use this cloth to absorb scum and oils from your pool and hot tub.


1. What factors can affect sponge absorption?

Several variables such as sponge thickness, web density, fiber radius, temperature, and surface tension can affect a sponge’s absorption capacity.

2. Why does my hot tub have so much scum?

Body oil, hair, dead cells, care products such as body lotions, shampoo, soap, and mineral metals such as copper, iron, magnesium, etc. can contribute to forming hot tub scums.

3. Which is the best scum absorber?

‘Scumbug Oil Absorbing Sponge’ can be a great deal for you to remove scum from your pool or hot tub. They have got decent user experience ratings and healthy demand due to their strong effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

Scum can be problematic if they are in great numbers. People who love to have a scum-free, clean hot tub soaking or pool session, will find scum absorbers very useful. Scum absorbers take care of hot tubs or pools day to day scum, oils, soap residue, and other floating wastes. They are an inexpensive option to keep your watery platforms clean. A little effort to clean them routinely can also make them reusable at any given time. Alongside their use as scum absorbers, you will find them very companioning in a shape of an adorable duck or a vibrant starship while having fun with the water.

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