What Is The Deepest Above-Ground Pool?


The deepest above-ground pool is 54”, although as the depth changes so does the height. Usually, the depth of an above-ground pool ranges from 48” – 54”. The popularity of the Above-Ground pool is increasing due to its availability and different styles. When we will be shopping for an Above-Ground pool, we should keep in mind the size of the pool and how much space it will accommodate.

We will also need tools and materials for the installation of the pool and other accessories for cleaning purposes. Although, it is true that, an above-ground pool does not add any value to the property, whereas, an in–ground pool does, but, an Above-ground pool has a lesser risk of accidental falls because of its increased height than an in-ground pool. Their immobility and availability of the products for their maintenance make it a priority when people shop for pools.

Key Takeaways

  • The available market range for the deepest above-ground pool and the common brands to look out for when you are buying one.
  • Discussing the shapes and sizes of the deepest above-ground pool to determine which type is suitable for your backyard.
  • The installation process of the deepest above-ground pool is a step-by-step process.
  • The cleaning methods and different cleaning tools you need in order to clean your above-ground pool.
  • The benefits of having an above-ground pool over a traditional pool.

What is the Deepest Above-Ground Pool?

The deepest Above-Ground pool is 36’ by 16’ by 52’’, the four feet depth may not look like the deepest measurement, but in the world of the Above-Ground pools, it is quite deep. It is possible to get an above-ground pool with a depth of more than 8 feet, but for this, we need to place a special order with the pool installation companies. As we dive deep, we have to make sure that the structure of the walls, liners, and the ground can hold the pressure of the water. For the protection of the walls of an above-ground pool, it is recommended by professionals that we fill 90 percent of the pool with water to avoid any unnecessary dumping of the water to the outside.

There are two different sizes available for the Above-Ground pool which are given below:

  1. Round shape: This is the most common shape for the above-ground pool. It will fit in any backyard and its circumference ranges from 10 feet to 20 feet. It has a large metal circle which will be covered by the liner and rails to support the sides.
  2. Rectangular shape: This shape is more suitable for houses that have small spaces. This shape has a series of metal rails to give it strength. This shape has more benefits than a round pool where you can have more deeper pools.

Different Sizes of the Deepest Above-Ground Pool

Different sizes of the deepest above ground pool

The options available in the market for the deepest above-ground pool are 48”, 52”, and 54”. The water level is usually 6” lower than the pool wall. Some people prefer the depth of the pool more than 4 feet. The depth of the pool can be 8 feet or more. If we are using an expandable liner, we can expect one foot increased depth at the center due to the availability of the liner.

Below we can discuss some common heights of the above-ground pool:

  • 48” or Four Feet: Here, the height of the above–ground pool is four feet. This pool is deep enough for the adult swimmers, as well as, shallow enough to navigate through the pool. This is the most affordable and user-friendly pool.
  • 52” or Four Feet Four inches: They are more expensive than four-foot pools and have four inches more depth than four-foot pools. They have a more rigid structure and can carry more water.
  • 54” or Four and a half Feet: This pool has a depth of 54” which can be expanded and will require an expandable customized liner. It needs solid ground and sturdy support poles.

3 Major Brands of the Above-Ground Pool

It is confusing to shop the best Above-Ground pool among various brands, there are 3 major brands that we can talk about.

Major brands of the above ground pool

1. Doughboy

Doughboy has the deepest above-ground pool which is 54” or four feet 6 inches, this model is known as Desert Spring Model. They have two different frames: resin frame and steel frame. They both offer durability to the pool.

2. Embassy

This pool has a depth of 52” or four feet four inches. This pool is known for its beauty. They enhance the beauty of the exterior.

3. Cornelius pool

This brand is more trendy and has a wide selection to choose from. They have a wide range of varieties of resin frames and steel frames.

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How to Install the Deepest Above-Ground Pool?

How to install the deepest above ground pool

The installation process for the deepest above-ground pool is given below:

  1. First, we need a digger to make a hole which should be 18 – 20 inches in depth from each side of the brace. This hole should be as wide as it gets deeper.
  2. Second, we have to make a coil of the strap within 15” – 18” to hold down the plate, a tight coil will protect the brace from leaning towards the ground as soon as the water fills the pool. To tighten the coil of the strap, we can use loose wire to wrap it around. Now it’s time to put the strap into the hole.
  3. Then, we can use patio blocks or bricks to level the track, and we can use string along the side braces to keep them in place.
  4. Later, we have to mix concrete for each hole, each hole needs one bag of concrete. After that, we have to make sure the pool floor is covered by spreading sand.
  5. The final step is installing the liner. To install a liner, we have to take off the top rails, and ladders from the wall of the above-ground pool, by spreading the liner and pulling it over one side, we can secure the liner by using clamps. By going for the other end of the liner, and doing the same process we will ensure the liner is in place, after that, we can put back our top railings, and ladders into their previous position.

The Cleaning Process for the Deepest Above-Ground Pool

The cleaning process for the deepest above ground pool

Cleaning is essential for our above-ground pool. We can follow a few steps to clean our pool:

  • Draining the water by using the water pump.
  • Trash out any dirt or debris that is left behind.
  • Using chlorinated bleach to clean the surface of the pool.

When cleaning the deepest above-ground pool, we should also keep in mind some additional options as well, such as:

  • Leaf skimmer: We can use a leaf skimmer to gather fallen leaves from the pool water so that they do not contaminate the water.
  • Pool Vacuum: To prevent the water from cloudiness which is caused by dirt, and debris on the top part of the pool, we can use, a pool vacuum at the bottom part to settle down the dirt.
  • Clarifiers: There are extremely tiny particles that are hard to find, for that, we can use clarifiers to gather those particles so that our filter can catch them easily.
  • Water test: We can use a pool test kit to ensure the pH of the water and chlorine levels are in place. The ideal pH level for chlorine is 7.2 and 7.6 and chlorine should fall between 1 and 3 parts per million. If the pH level of the water is low, we can add a pH increaser and if the pH level is high, we can add a pH reducer. If the chlorine levels are low, we can add chlorine tablets. If the chlorine level is too high, we can let the pool sit unused for a day or two.
  • Brush: There are certainly some places inside the pool where there is poor water circulation which allows algae to grow and attach to the wall and ladder. We can use a brush head to scrub down algae, pool bottom, walls, and ladder.

Five Benefits of the Above-Ground Pool

Here are some benefits to consider for the above-ground pool:

  1. Easily Affordable: The affordability of the above-ground pool makes it easy for many families to set up for their family fun.
  2. Varieties: The top three brand companies for the deepest above-ground pool offer varieties of selections to choose from, people can choose according to shape, size, and materials.
  3. Easy installation: The homeowners can install the pool by considering several factors such as land size, availability of the equipment, electrical and filtration system, weather conditions, etc. They do not need professionals for this.
  4. Safe to use: The above–ground pool has three kinds of heights such as 48”, 52”, and 54”, these heights ensure the reduced risk of falls into the pool water.
  5. Easily manageable: They require less management due to their size and mobility, when they are not in use, we can easily disassemble them for later use.


1. How big can an above-ground pool be?

The size of the above-ground pool ranges from 8 feet to 41 feet on average, whereas, the depth of the above-ground pool ranges from 42 – 54 inches.

2. Is a deeper above-ground pool better?

A shallow pool is more useable to the children, whereas, a deeper pool is built for the use of adults and teenagers.

3. Which above-ground pool is strongest?

Steel frames are considered one of the strongest above-ground pools on the market, they are best known for their strength.

Final thoughts

As we have discussed above, the depth for the above–ground pool falls between 48” to 54”. Three major companies sell affordable pools and offer a great selection of kits for the installation of the pool. The shape and size of the pool determine the aestheticism of the land, an Above-Ground pool has a round shape and a rectangular shape. The cleaning of an above-ground pool takes less effort and time. The main benefit of having an above-ground pool is that it reduces the risk of falls.

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