What Is The Purpose Of A Pergola?

What is the purpose of a pergola

A pergola is a decorative shade-providing structure in houses with a spaced backyard. Their placements are mostly in the backyard garden or can be installed by the poolside area. Pergolas have been popular among outdoor fun lovers for a long time. Despite their modern appearance, garden pergolas have been around for a long time, with the earliest example dating back to 1400 BC. There are many pergolas believed structures still standing among Greek and Roman empire buildings.

If you are wondering what makes their popularity last that long and what is the purpose of a pergola, then you will find this article interesting. Read thoroughly to understand what is the purpose of a pergola, the benefits of using a pergola, what they can be made of, similar installations like a pergola, and so on. Also in the process, you may find food for your thought to look forward to having a pergola in the near future.

Key Takeaways

  • Pergolas are shade-providing installments that you can set up in your backyard.
  • The earliest known garden pergola’s existence date goes back to 1400 BC.
  • Pergolas are designated to house potted plants and support climbing and creeping plants.
  • Pergola can be made using a pressurized tree, cider wood, aluminum, or fiberglass.

7 Purposes Of A Pergola

Purposes of a pergola
Purposes of a pergola

The purposes of a pergola know no bounds when you set them for a true cause: make a shady shelter at your place to sit and enjoy the evening. Some of the specific purposes of a pergola are stated below:

1. Provides Versatile Shade

Pergolas are designed to provide shade to your backyard. If not all of it but a certain portion where you can use the shade to make a shelter. Though the shading feature varies among designs, it depends on the location and desire of the installer. There is also a retractable canopy option in some designs, which allows the user to enjoy the light and shade depending on the time of the day or the sun’s location. Other alternatives to add extra sunblock to your pergola that can reflect your preference such as plants, fabric, and reflective glass to name a few.

2. Beautification Of Backyard

Along with the shading feature of a pergola, the secondary purpose of them remains is the beautification of your backyard garden oasis. Pergolas are set in relevance to the terrain of your backyard and often make the place look complete. wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and other pergola-making materials offer a rustic, modern, classy, or elegant beauty to your pergola structure.

3. Additional Space For Plants

Pergolas are designated to house potted plants and also support climbing and creeping plants. These climbing plants are great for making a natural shade, making the shade eco-friendly, lucrative appeared, and aesthetic vibe at the same time. All of these plant-based features convert your pergolas into a calm and refreshing place for you and your companion.

4. Hospitable Outdoor Spot

Pergolas are set not just for showcasing as a structure. One of the prime objectives is to set up a hospitable outdoor spot where you can spend an evening or have lunch and dinner with your family and friends. In regard, various small family parties can be thrown under a pergola. It acts like a hospitable central location to eat, sit, or play games together.

5. Gives A Relaxed Vibe

Pergolas are made mostly for relaxing outdoors, providing a cozy environment in the process. Morning, afternoon, or late in the night, you can have some much-needed solo time here at your convenience. The surrounding garden, pool area, and other elements can provide you with an ultimately relaxed vibe.

6. Option For Living Space

Among many other use of the pergola, it can be converted into a makeshift living place. As pergolas can be set in different places and some are replaceable to adjust their settings with verandas and other home structures. Creating an eye-catching outdoor living area, especially in use during the hot days of summer.

7. Add Value to Your Asset

Having a decorative structure in your backyard surely adds value to your house. Though it may not seem to be a purpose firsthand it comes in handy when you put up your house for sale. This little structure can surely make a good return on your investment by offering a readymade leisure spot for the buyer to attract. After all, who doesn’t want a cozy place to hang around?

Benefits of Pergolas

Benefits of pergolas
Benefits of pergolas

Apart from the purposes, you may find other benefits attractive of having a pergola in your backyard. Some of the benefits are:

Easy To Install

Pergolas are popular among people for their easy installation process. Based on your budget and design interest, the lowest price of a pergola may start from $1500.  The structure can be made either using pressure-treated wood as the least expensive option or cedar wood and fiberglass as comparatively expensive solutions. A local landscape professional can help you design a pergola from scratch and can custom-build it right in your backyard.

Provides More Privacy

Privacy is a must if you are you want to truly enjoy the backyard oasis you’ve built. For that, most of the pergola is equipped with sideways wrap-around shades. This allows you to have a fun time inside your pergola while having complete privacy from your lousy neighbor.

Encourages Outdoor Roaming

In many cases, people don’t want to go outside due to a lack of shade and think they have nothing to do under the sun. Pergola solves this problem by creating a comfort zone for the users to sit under the shade and enjoy the view along with other activities. This encourages them to hang around outside often.

Close To The Nature

Pergolas are set beside your small garden and other scenery in your backyard. This allows you to get closer to nature every time you go for a pergola stay. It helps you to get Vitamin D from the sunlight and breath natural fresh air.

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3 Similar Installation Like Pergola

Similar installation like pergola
Similar installation like pergola

Some of the similar-looking and purposed infrastructures like Pergolas are:

  1. Ramada: A Ramada is also occasionally referred to as a pavilion. It is similar to a Ramada in that, both are freestanding and supported by four columns or attached on one side to another structure. Unlike a pergola, a Ramada has a closed roof. This offers total shading as well as some weather protection.
  2. Gazebo: They can be constructed in a wide range of sizes, forms, and styles and are adaptable to many different design ideas. A gazebo can be constructed with additional design elements, and is supported by columns, has a solid roof that provides shade and weather protection. In addition to other architectural features like benches or porch swings, some gazebos have a cupola.
  3. Patio Cover: One of the most popular styles of backyard buildings is a patio cover. They are attached to the house and can take many different shapes. They might be designed to have a straightforward, solid roof or to offer only partial coverage. They have similarities with pergolas and are often considered a subtype.


1. What is the difference between a pergola & gazebo?

The main difference between a pergola and a gazebo is their roof formation. A gazebo offers a solid roof for full shade coverage whereas a pergola has a slatted roof for partial sunlight to come.

2. What type of pergola is best?

Among all the types of materials a pergola can be made from, an aluminum-made pergola provides the best maintenance free, last through a lifetime of both rain and shine and overall best quality service.

3. Are pergolas rainproof?

Usually, pergola roofs don’t contain any solid roof to protect the inside from rain but the use of solid-panel fixed design or fabrication opens and closes to control the sun, shade, and rainwater.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, whether you are trying to define your outdoor activity or looking for options for making your backyard interesting, setting up a pergola is always an invest-worthy choice. It gives you another home-like vibe in your familiar condition. After opening the backdoor, it is a pleasure to see for the eyes that you have a cozy chair under a shade with a view of gardens, and natural landscape. It also gives you a ‘far from the chaos’ feeling and to have a fun time with your family, friends, and nature. With a lucrative and aesthetic-looking backyard, you can always go for an afternoon nap or barbeque a steak under a bloomed full moon night.

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