What to Wear for a Backyard Wedding?


Outdoor backyard weddings are best for small wedding plans. Whether you want flexibility for your wedding day or to save money on your wedding decor, the backyard is always a perfect place to consider as your wedding venue. In advantage, you can make your backyard wedding professional, unique, personal and friendly to your guests. Not just your wedding, you can plan someone else’s wedding better in the backyard.

For a backyard wedding, there are attire and dress code to maintain according to the wedding type. There are different types of weddings and each wedding type has different outfits. Even though it is a backyard ceremony, it is still a wedding ceremony. So, this article will give you an idea of what to wear for a backyard wedding. Let’s get into the details.

Key takeaways

  • Make the best outfits for different types of weddings in the backyard.
  • Wedding apparel may change due to altered categories, forms, and seasons. Must maintain the same standard dress code.
  • Matching footwear is important as the attire. Wear a mask for safety issues.

What to Wear For a Backyard Wedding?

There are a lot of wedding dress codes you can find. But you must choose the right one for the right wedding ceremony. I am sure you do not want to wear a casual outfit on a traditional wedding day. There are a few different weddings that can be planned in the backyard. Let’s find out those.

1. Different types of Backyard Wedding

Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding

Traditional wedding is a wedding that mainly focuses on family traditions. Each family from the bride’s side and groom’s side incorporates traditions and cultures. Taking vows from each other. At a traditional backyard wedding, it takes a full-day ceremony with bible reading, a big poster, and a round stage.

Brunch Wedding

Brunch wedding is totally a mirror side of the traditional wedding. This wedding ceremony is relaxed and easy-going, more of a casual one. This ceremony does not last all day. Starts in the early morning and are incorporated with your favorite breakfast dishes, desserts, and bottomless drinks to the happiest day of your life. It also covers your budget and is costless.

Evening Wedding

Evening Wedding

Evening wedding is entirely a casual wedding ceremony. This is for couples who want a completely nontraditional approach to their wedding. Usually, this ceremony is held in the evening and last until late at night. This wedding type is the most popular and loved. You will enjoy the sunset and early night time and there is beautiful lighting all around the venue. This wedding plane is also cost-friendly and worth it.

Now, according to these wedding types, you can see that three different wedding ceremonies required three different standards. So, the attire and the dress code should be different from each other. Now, let me walk you to the dress section real quick.

2. Attire and Dress code

If you are feeling like, what am I going to wear to the wedding? I may ask, are you the bride or groom?

There are different sections of people to wear different outfits at a wedding. Not specifically saying which dress to wear but to give you the ideal scheme of wedding outfits.

3. Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

For a traditional wedding ceremony, both bride and groom must wear white-tie attire. White-tie attire is the most well-known and compulsory. The bride wears a full-length gown with a gorgeous design and is solid in color. And the groom wears a formal tailcoat, tuxedo, or a three-piece suit. This tradition has continued from western cultures and Anglo-Saxon cultural spheres. It is still the most formal apparel for a wedding day.

For a brunch wedding ceremony, the apparel for the bride and groom should be the simplest possible. The dress for the bride can be kind of nice colorful dressy or semi-formal. The groom can also try wearing casual outfits with jeans or shorts and lose fit based on the venue and weather. The bride may wear a laid-back look such as a sundress or a light silk slip dress. This is the time to make your wedding as you like.

For an evening wedding ceremony, casual wedding attire for the bride and groom. As it is an informal ceremony the groom’s dress code can be black-tie. Both bride and groom may wear dark and deep colors. A dark tuxedo, a solid color shirt, a coordinating bow tie, a cummerbund, and suspenders if needed. The dress style may change due to the venue and weather.

4. The Wedding Reception

The Wedding Reception

Now, this is the most important part of maintaining a dress code. The attire for the reception must be upheld. That means the whole party must keep the same attire. For a traditional backyard wedding, the party must maintain a traditionally formal outfit with a royal vibe with the bride and groom. Same color, and the same design.

For the evening reception, keep it dark and simple. Go with the semi-formal attire. Make it suitable when you take a group picture at the cocktail.

For a brunch wedding, go with whatever you want to wear. Just keep it appropriate. You can take a hat and sunglasses. It is as casual as possible.

5. Guest Apparel

Guest Apparel

To maintain the guest outfits, there are a few changes between men and women. Most of the dress codes are either formal or casual. But the guest must follow the given dress code on the wedding card. It is necessary to maintain a wedding dress code in order to make an impression. The formal outfits must be appropriate and similar to the bride’s dress. The males can maintain only formal outfits. Not necessary to make it similar to the groom. But they must keep the color the same.

If the dress code is not mentioned, go with what formal you have. For other weddings, make a casual or semi-formal outlook.

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6. Appropriate Footwear

Appropriate Footwear

Footwear is more important than the dress code. You cannot go to a wedding wearing a sandal.

For the bride and groom, it is appropriate to were formal shoes. Closed-toe wedding shoe is recommended for cold climates. For warmer days try open-toe shoes are the norm. For the black-tie wedding, closed-toe shoes are more appropriate. But, for a brunch wedding, you can wear anything. This applies to all other groups of wedding people.

7. Wear a Mask

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is not mandatory. After the Covid situation, it is more appropriate to wear masks matching the dress code. This also includes the safety issue. There will be many known and unknown personals from outside. This gathering may be contagious to you and your family. So for your healthy enjoyment, wear a mask.

8. Seasonal Dress Code

The attires that have been discussed can be changed due to weather. It is so obvious to wear heavy clothes in the winter and wear loose outfits on hot days.

You may try an overcoat or jacket in the winter. But it must fit with formal apparel. In the summer wear lesser garments. Girls should try up-top skirts or sleeveless mini dresses. It can be both formal and informal. Try to keep the dress appropriate as much as possible.


1. Is it OK to wear pants to an outdoor wedding?

It depends on the dress code specified by the wedding couple and the formality of the wedding. If the dress code is casual or outdoor-themed, wearing pants may be appropriate.

2. Can you wear black to a garden wedding?

It is generally considered appropriate to wear black to a wedding, regardless of the setting or theme. However, if the wedding has a specific theme or color scheme, it may be more appropriate to dress in accordance with those guidelines. If the wedding is in a garden or outdoor setting, it may be more appropriate to wear lighter or brighter colors to match the natural surroundings. It is always best to check with the wedding couple or wedding planner for any specific dress code or color scheme guidelines before attending a wedding.

3. What do you wear for an outdoor wedding?

For an outdoor wedding, you can wear any standard depending on the venue and weather. The party must maintain a traditionally formal outfit with a royal vibe with the bride and groom. Same color, and the same design.

Final Thoughts

To prepare yourself for the wedding, you need the best outfit that suits you well enough. For a backyard wedding ceremony, you can wear any standard apparel. Depending on what venue and what weather.

In a traditional backyard wedding, both bride and groom must wear white-tie formal attire. The bride wears a full-length gown with a gorgeous design and is solid in color. And the groom wears a formal tailcoat, tuxedo, or a three-piece suit. Both bride and groom may wear dark and deep colors at an evening wedding. A dark tuxedo, a solid color shirt, a coordinating bow tie, a cummerbund, and suspenders for the groom if needed.

In a brunch wedding, wearing casual outfits with jeans or shorts and a loose fit is commonly based on the venue and weather. The bride may wear a laid-back look such as a sundress or a light silk slip dress. In this article, you can get a general idea of the backyard wedding dress code. You may ask your neighbor to know the culture of that area for the wedding dress code.

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