5 Reasons Why Are Drop in Grills So Expensive?


What makes a perfect backyard is having the perfect grill in place to enjoy your Sunday barbeque and family-and-friends get-togethers! A customized grill in your backyard is a dream for any homeowner because it can be made to your specifications and make your backyard even more accessible and just completes the look of your backyard. And there are no grills better than having a drop-in grill custom-built for your backyard. However, there is a catch: drop-in grills are quite an expensive purchase!

So why are drop in grills so expensive? There are a number of reasons for this. From having a superior build quality to being something that needs to be installed by professionals, all of these contribute to the high price of drop-in grills for your backyard. Not to mention that the out-of-place stand grills just don’t look all that good in your backyard. If you are thinking of getting a drop-in grill in your backyard and worried if one is worth the purchase, then you have come to the right place! Let’s explore all things drop-in grills and see if they are worth the purchase!

Key Takeaways

  • There are 4 different types of drop-in grills, which are placed permanently on a spot in your house or in your backyard.
  • Drop-in grills are expensive because of how they are made to last a long time along with many other reasons.
  • If you are considering buying a drop-in grill, then take into consideration how much you will use it, if you have space, and how long you want it to stay in place.

Drop-In Grills and Their Types Explained

Drop-in grills or built-in grills are permanent fixtures in your house or your backyard. They are made to stay in one place and not be moved and fitted to match your backyard aesthetics and have the perfect backyard BBQ! They have an accompanying island, usually made of marble, to make sure that you have enough space to work safely and are built to be sturdy. If you are wondering if there are types of drop-in grills, then you are correct! There are some variations of the drop-in grills so let’s see the different types:

  • Drop-in charcoal grill: As the name suggests, these types of built-in grills are made to support heating up charcoal under the grates to heat your food and give it a smoky flavor.
  • Pellet drop-in grill: If you are not looking to use charcoal, then the wood pellets are just as great of a substitute! They are electrically powered to burn the wood pellets to give you a smoky flavor that matches the type of wood pellets you are using.
  • Natural gas drop-in grill: Probably the most common and convenient grills to use for your backyard are natural gas ones. It heats up the grill by burning gas.
  • Electric drop-in grill: Electric grills are probably the cleanest in terms of cooking as they will heat your grill without causing a mess! This does mean that you lose out on the flavor that a fire is able to provide for you.

These are just some of the types and some modern drop-in grills have a combination of all these 4 combined! So it is really up to the built-in grill themselves that distinguish the different types available.

5 Reasons Why Drop-In Grills Are So Expensive

There are many reasons why drop-in grills are so expensive but there are some reasons that make them a bit more expensive than other types of grills. So let’s take a look at the different reasons why that is the case for built-in grills.

Reasons why drop in grills are so expensive

High material cost

If something is made to be permanently placed in your backyard, then it is no doubt that they require high-quality materials to make sure they last for years to come. And with high-quality material comes the high material costs that come along with it. The outer body is made with high-grade stainless steel so that it can withstand the outdoor environment and is sturdy enough to take damage. Not to mention that they are built to be constantly used as well so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down. A factor that is less talked about when it comes to drop-in grills is that they are manufactured in countries in North America and Europe where the labor costs are higher than in the rest of the world. They contribute to the overall cost of the grill.

Efficient performance

Not only does it come with high material cost, but the materials help in giving an elite and efficient performance for drop-in grills! Since the materials used are durable, they are able to withstand high heat and temperatures as well. That means drop-in grills give you more temperature range, especially at higher temperatures. Not only that but they are also big so you have a larger cooking surface and cook in multiple areas with their own specific burners as well! The heat retention of high-grade steel is great and provides an even heating of the food and great heat retention so you are not wasting fuel or electricity while cooking either, giving a great efficient performance!

Porcelain grates

If there is one thing that sets drop-in apart from other grills in the industry is porcelain grates. Gone are the days of metal grates that are tough to clean, and comes in the age of porcelain grates that more and more manufacturers are incorporating in their grills! They provide even heat distribution throughout the grill while also making sure there are no cold spots either. They help to provide even cooking and not to mention how safe they are as well. Along with that, they are durable and able to absorb a lot of heat without falling apart on you while also being very easy to clean!

Advanced features

Modern technology has transformed the grilling industry and at the forefront are drop-in grills! They come with all sorts of precise knobs and extra features such as a temperature regulator and built-in timers so you don’t miss the perfect sear on your steak. These extra features come with the extra cost that takes to implement them so it raises the price of the overall grill as a result.


Probably the reason why drop-in or built-in grills are so expensive is that their installation needs to be done with the help of experts. Along with the grill, you need to also take into account the price of the materials needed to make the islands and the renovations that need to be done to your backyard to accommodate the drop-in grill. It is the extra cost of the grill that not many people take into account which is why so many are surprised at the price of the grill.

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Drop-In Grill: A Worth It Purchase?

Now since the price of drop-in grills is so expensive, it is obvious that you might be inclined not to buy them and opt for a cheaper option instead. Many people wonder about the worth of the grill itself and try to justify the price of getting one. While it might be expensive, I believe there are 3 simple questions that you need to consider for the purchase: how much you will use it, how long you want your grill to last, and do you have the necessary space to accommodate the grill.

Drop in grill a worth it purchase

Regular use

For the first question of regular use, if you are going to be using it quite often, then you should definitely get the drop-in grill for your backyard! The convenience of using the grill is amazing and I can personally recommend getting one if you are to use it every week or even twice a week for cookouts. It is large so you can cook multiple meats on the grill simultaneously. You can even make it so that two or three people can cook at once! So if you get regular use out of this grill, then to me it is a no-brainer!


You might be paying a hefty one-time fee to install the grill but once you have it, it can last a really long time in your backyard! It is durable and very resistant to the heat that is used for this type of grill. The ceramic or porcelain grates are also easy to clean and will last you a long time as well so you won’t have problems with maintenance either.

Space for the grill

Last but not least, it is all about the space in your backyard that you need to consider for the grill. If you have a small backyard, having a large drop-in grill might not be the best idea because of how much space it needs along with the installation that is needed. These are heavy-duty grills that are there to last so you don’t even have much of an option to change it around on your own. That is why if you want a permanent grill in your backyard, then definitely consider the drop-in grill!

And there are more factors to consider like do you want a superior cooking experience, or take the time to learn everything about your specific model, and many more! But I consider the above three to be the main factors for choosing to buy a built-in grill and to justify the price point.


1. Is an expensive grill worth it?

An expensive grill is only worth it if the model you are buying satisfies all your grilling needs like lasting a long time and using it frequently.

2. Which type of built-in grill is the best?

The wood pellet grills are the best because they provide a smoky flavor. Gas-powered grills are also good if you want a more convenient use of the grill.

3. Can you use a regular grill as a drop-in?

While you can, they might not provide the same experience as a drop-in grill. They are meant to be installed permanently so you can move them and they stay like that.

Final Thoughts

I get it, the drop in grills are priced just a tad too high for some or you might have the necessary space to have it in your backyard. Or it might be that you won’t get regular use so it will just become an eyesore in your backyard. But the thing you can’t doubt about the built-in grill is that they are probably the best grilling experience that you might ever have! They are so convenient and durable that you can justify buying them if you are to use them often. Overall, I believe that if you take into consideration all your grilling needs and the drop-in grill matches most if not all of them, it is a worthy investment that will give you returns for years to come. I hope that I have given the necessary context surrounding why they are so expensive and have made your decision in buying one or not much easier!

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